Wanted: Combustor Valus - Destiny 2

Learn where to find Combustor Valus for Spider's Wanted bounty in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Spider’s Weekly Wanted bounty is the most difficult bounty he offers, though it’s well worth it for the Powerful Engram. This week, Spider wants players to find Combustors Valus and eliminate him – it is an escaped prisoner after all.

Wanted: Combustor Valus

Tracking down the location of Combustor Valus is as simple as reading the flavor text of the bounty as it refers to Brother Vance – the Vendor of Mercury. Players should head to Mercury and complete the new 540 Power Adventure that has appeared on the map in order to find this Cabal enemy.

This Wanted bounty, like the Blood Cleaver bounty, will be a difficult task, even for a Guardian that has been collecting Prime Engrams. It’s a good idea to head in with a full fireteam in order to take Combustor Valus down.

The fight takes place in a Lost Sector on Mercury, though the real challenge is the thunder dome Combustor Valus has set up. While inside the Solar shield, players will take constant Solar damage, so players will need to duck out before dying. Dealing damage to Combustor Valus, and knocking his health down a segment, will spawn additional waves of enemies.

Pay special attention to the yellow health enemies, the Honored Incendiors, as killing them drops a triangular item which when picked up grants a full overshield. This overshield is not on a time limit, it will simply be chipped away by damage. It’s worth noting that when I did the mission, the Honored Incendiors had Void shields, so try to match elements to knock the shields off quickly.

When Combustor Valus dies, the Wanted bounty will be complete and players can claim their Powerful Engram. It’s also worth opening the Lost Sector chest for some spare materials.

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