How to earn Gambit medals in Destiny 2

Learn what all the Gambit and Gambit Prime medals are and how to earn more of them in a single match in Destiny 2.


Earning Gambit medals in Destiny 2 is a fairly simple task. However, earning a whole lot of medals very quickly can be a bit tricky. For anyone chasing the Hush Pinnacle Bow, earning a lot of medals is going to be key to quickly getting this quest completed. To do this, you’ll need to know all of the Gambit and Gambit Prime medals and how to get as many as you can each match.

Earn more medals in Gambit

Destiny 2 Gambit medals

In terms of actually getting medals in Gambit, your best bet is to aim for multiple things at once. For example, try to clear enemies quickly for a Speed medal and do so using a Super for one of the Super medals. Similarly, this may also proc a Prowess medal, specifically one where you must avoid dying.

But aim for the medals that work for you and make sense in your particular group. It can also help if each player has a specified role. For example, if someone is always the invader, another is the Mote collector, and the other tries to track down invaders. Cycling through these roles to ensure everyone has an opportunity to earn the various medals.

If you’re chasing the Hush Pinnacle Sniper Rifle, word on the street is that you may require 600 medals for that percentage to complete. Your best option is to put your head down and try to get as many Gambit medals are possible.

All Gambit and Gambit Prime medals

The trick to earning more Gambit medals is to first know what medals you can actually earn. Without a reference point, you’ll just be running around trying to kill things and win. Below is every single medal that can be earned in Gambit and Gambit Prime. These can also be found in the Triumphs under the Gambit activity.

Prowess Gambit medals

The Prowess Gambit medals are basically “miscellaneous”. These medals involve doing some pretty extraordinary feats that don’t fit snuggly into the other areas. Of these, probably the easiest ones to chase are those that require you to defeat enemies in a match without dying and ones that involve killing combatants and not losing Motes.

Get Primeval Deal over half your team’s damage to a Primeval and defeat the Primeval to win the round.
Rainmaker Win a round with the most combatants killed and fewest Motes lost on your team.
Last Guardian Standing Kill an Invader while you’re the only living member on your team.
By the Skin of Your Teeth Kill your Primeval while the opposing Primeval has very little health remaining
Envoys? What Envoys? Defeat the Primeval envoys before your team has any Primeval Slayer buffs.
Go Big or Go Home Summon a Giant Blocker.
Value Marker Mark a high-value target, then have anyone on your team kill that target.
Most Wanted Mark an Invader, then have anyone on your team kill that Invader.
Locksmith Defeat the last Blocker at your team’s bank three times in a single round.
Half-Banked Deposit at least half your bank’s capacity in a single round.
Killmonger Defeat 20 enemies in a single match without dying.
Thrillmonger Defeat 40 enemies in a single match without dying.
Overkillmonger Defeat 80 enemies in a single match without dying.
Value Hunter Defeat a high-value target.
Payback Before you die again, defeat the player who last defeated you.
Rapid Payback After reviving, defeat the invader who destroyed you before they escape.

Invading Gambit medals

The Invading medals are specifically for doing things while invading the enemy team. Because the invasion portal is only available a few times a match, these can be the more difficult medals to earn. If no one on your team is using the portal, jump on through and try to secure some kills. Remember to target players who are carrying a lot of Motes.

Fond Farewell Kill an opposing Guardian in the last five seconds of your invasion and be emoting when Drifter brings you back to your side.
Maximum Carnage As an Invader, defeat seven Guardians in a single invasion before Drifter brings you back to your side.
Well Well Well Kill the entire opposing team while they’re standing in the Well.
Bank Heist In a single invasion, drain multiple Motes from the opposing team’s bank while near their bank.
Army of One As an invader, defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion.
Mote Have Been As an invader, defeat a Guardian carrying 15 Motes.
Denied! As an invader, deny at least 10 Motes by destroying all Guardians who are carrying Motes.
Bank THIS! As an invader, defeat Guardian who is carrying Motes near the bank.
Relentless Invader As an invader, get a kill after your time limit expires.

Speed Gambit medals

The Speed Gambit medals are all about doing things quickly and doing things first. These will typically happen naturally if you’re trying to win matches quickly. Try to aim for quick clears of enemies and to defeat invaders in a speedy manner.

Massacre Defeat 12 enemies with no more than 3 seconds between kills.
No Escape Defeat an invader with 5 seconds or less left on their time.
Blockbuster Defeat three Blockers with no more than 3 seconds between kills.
First to Block Be the first player in a round to lock the other team’s bank.
Fast Fill Collect 15 Motes quickly.
Big Game Hunter Defeat three powerful enemies within a short time period.
Not on My Watch Defeat an invader within 10 seconds of their appearance in your arena before they defeat anyone on your team.

Team Gambit medals

The Team medals for Gambit are all about working as a team. These are going to be the easiest to acquire as it simply involves teamwork. This is of course presuming you’re playing with people you know and not solo-queuing.

Cleaned Out As a team, completely drain the opposing bank.
Siphoned Funds As a team, summon your Primeval by draining Motes from the opposing team’s bank.
Bloodsuckers As a team, drain a large portion of the opposing bank’s contents in a single round.
Giant Block Party As a team, have four Giant Blockers at the opposing team’s bank at one time.
Following Instructions Once your team holds enough Motes to summon a Primeval, deposit your Motes without picking up more.
From the Jaws of Defeat Win the round after the opposing team summons their Primeval while your team has fewer than 25 Motes banked or carried.
Open 24/7 Win a round in which your team’s bank spent very little time locked.
Block Party As a team, have four Blockers at the enemy’s bank at the same time.
Never Say Die Come back from a 25% deficit in Primeval health to win the round.
Taking Turns As a team, have all four players invade at least once during a round.

Supers Gambit medals

Finally, the last group of Gambit medals are those associated with Supers. It appears as if you can use the Supers to kill both invaders and enemies, so use them to clear waves if you’re not invading.

Titan Smash Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Fists of Havoc Super.
A Titan Can Fly Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Thundercrash Super.
Captain of the Void Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Sentinel Shield Super.
Impenetrable Ward of Dawn Block a huge amount of damage with a single Ward of Dawn.
A Time for Hammers Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Hammer of Sol Super.
Burning Path Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Burning Maul Super.
Lightning Rod Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Arc Staff Super.
Fire Slinger Defeat three enemies with a single Golden Gun Super.
Fan of Knives Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Blade Barrage Super.
Spectral Surgeon Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Spectral Blades Super.
Ensnarement Rapidly defeat multiple enemies tethered from a single Shadowshot Super.
Ride Lightning Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Stormtrance Super.
Chaos Incarnate Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Chaos Reach Super.
Void-Based Demolition Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Nova Bomb Super.
Void Unleashed Defeat a large number of enemies with a single Nova Warp Super.
Rain of Fire Rapidly defeat multiple enemies with a single Dawnblade Super.
Dug In Defeat a large number of enemies while inside the aura from a single Well of Radiance Super.

Earning Gambit medals isn't too difficult, but doing it efficiently can be a challenge. Try and aim to earn several Gambit medals in a single match if you're going for the Hush Pinnacle Bow. For more Gambit and Crucible tips, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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