Bad Juju: Unlock the Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2

Learn how to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2 using this complete guide to unlock the Exotic Pulse Rifle through the Invitation of the Emperor quest.


When players log into Destiny 2 after the July 9, 2019 reset, they will notice a strange chest sitting next to Werner 99-40 when visiting his Cabal ship on Nessus. This chest will cost 5K Glimmer to open, and inside will be an Invitation from the Emperor, the exotic quest for Bad Juju, an exotic Pulse Rifle that just arrived on scene in Destiny 2.

Bad Juju: Unlock the Exotic Pulse Rifle

How to Get Bad Juju Destiny 2

The first step to getting Bad Juju is to visit Werner 99-40 aboard his Cabal ship in the Watcher’s Grave region on Nessus. Open the chest that sits beside him for 5K Glimmer in order to start the quest. Once it’s active, complete each of the following steps:

Tribute Hall visited

Tribute Hall Destiny 2

The Tribute Hall is a new destination in Destiny 2 as of July 9, 2019. We’ve written a guide on where the Tribute Hall is located if you’re not already sure. Once there, speak to the Visage of Calus to get the next step.

Bounty Completed

Champions Bounty Completed Destiny 2

Snag one of the four daily Champion Bounties that the Visage of Calus has. The first step is to complete a single bounty. I opted to go for Weapon of Choice, requiring only that I defeat 50 enemies without dying in any activity in any location. I hit up a lost sector and went to town. Just make sure you’re using weapons and not your abilities.

Boon Delivered

Boon Delivered Destiny 2

Turn in your completed bounty from your Pursuits, then head back to the Tribute Hall and speak to the Visage of Calus. Use the Boon of Opulence you now have and buy a Tithe of Opulence. Once you turn the Boon of Opulence in, you will move on to the next step.

Tribute Offered

Tribute Offered Destiny 2

Move just beyond the statue and interact with the Standard slot on the floor. This will allow you to offer your first Tribute, moving you along the next quest step which is already in progress, Golden Hero.

Golden Hero - 18 Tributes Required

Golden Hero Quest Step Destiny 2

This quest step requires that Guardians buy or unlock 18 Tributes and place them in the Tribute Hall. This is where you will most likely lose all your materials, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards, unless you feel like doing 80 Champion Bounties and getting the 80 percent discount, which I did not.

Pest Control

Pest Control Quest Step Desitny 2

Once you’ve filled the Tributes Hall with 18 Tributes, a Pest Control quest step will pop up and require that you make your way back to the Visage of Calus and interact with it. This will give you a bit of story on the next quest step, which is where you’re going to be acquiring Bad Juju.

The Other Side

The Other Side Mission Destiny 2

With everything in order, step into the Tribute Hall and look for a chest in the center. Near the chest will be a prompt that says, “Reality shudders…” Interact with the prompt and a mission will become available to launch from the chest itself. Launch the mission and jump through the portal. Complete the mission either solo or in a fireteam. It’s basically a Leviathan blast from the past but while ascendant, but it’s quite cool. Expect that it will take about 10 to 15 minutes depending on how much lollygagging you do.

A Weapon to End All Existence

Bad Juju String of Curses Destiny 2

When the mission is done, hop through the portal and you’ll be delivered back to the Tribute Hall. In the chest will be Bad Juju. Simply interact with the chest to claim your prize, which is a pretty cool Pulse Rifle if you ask me. Its Intrinsic Perk is called String of Curses, which is described as the following:

Now that you have the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle, be sure to pop by our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more information on all things Guardian related.

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