How to get Encrypted Warmind Bits - Destiny 2

Encrypted Warmind Bits are required to open Rasputin chests and buy gadgets from his bunker armories.


Just when you thought Season 10: Season of the Worthy wouldn’t ask you to run around picking up junk off the ground, along comes Rasputin asking you to do just that. Yes, Guardians, there are more materials for you to grind for so that you can unlock that thing and power that device. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can get your hands on Encrypted Warmind Bits, something required to open chests that Rasputin has scattered throughout his various Season 10 activities in Destiny 2.

Encrypted Warmind Bits

Encrypted Warmind Bits Destiny 2

There aren’t many ways to gain Encrypted Warmind Bits in Destiny 2, but luckily it doesn’t appear that a lot will be required. Below is a list of currently known ways to get Encrypted Warmind Bits:

  • Rasputin bounties
  • Encrypted Warmind Bits bunker upgrade

The first thing to do is visit each of the bunkers you’ve unlocked and ensure you have all the Rasputin bounties for the day and week. Some will reward you with Encrypted Warmind Bits once you complete and turn them in. The other method is to visit a bunker (the EDZ being the first one) and purchase the Encrypted Warmind Bits bunker upgrade. This will allow Guardians to collect Encrypted Warmind Bits by doing challenges for Zavala, Shaxx, the Drifter, and Hawthorne. Completing challenges for them usually means finishing their weekly task that awards Powerful gear.

Once you have Encrypted Warmind Bits, they can be used to open chests related to Rasputin. These chests include the Seraph Tower public event, and chests found in Legendary lost sectors. You an also use these Encrypted Warmind Bits to buy certain things from the bunker armory found in each location, but by the time you can do that you should be swimming in this specific currency.

Now that you understand Encrypted Warmind Bits, but sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide to arm yourself with even more knowledge essential to a Guardian.

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