Bluejay quest - Destiny 2

Complete the Bluejay quest to access Partition and unlock Nimbus' weekly bounty in Destiny 2.


The Bluejay quest is the fourth quest given to players by Quinn in the Hall of Heroes. This questline finally allows players to access Partition and, once completed, will unlock Nimbus’ weekly bounty. It’s a short one, but a good one.

Bluejay quest

The Bluejay quest is available from Quinn after completing the following quests: Welcome to the Hall of Heroes, Stargazer, and Maelstrom. Speak with Quinn to grab the quest. Once this quest is complete, you can unlock Winterbite.

Step 1: Speak with Nimbus

The first step in the Bluejay quest

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Go and chat with Nimbus to learn about a Polymorphic Engine and Shellcodes.

Speaking with Nimbus during the Bluejay quest

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Step 2: Defeat enemies in the Vex Incursion Zone while using Strand

The second step in the Bluejay quest
Remember to equip Strand else the enemies won't drop the fragments.
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Open your map and locate the Vex Incursion Zone. Go there, equip Strand, and start defeating enemies. You need to collect eight fragments, which could take some time. This item is not a guaranteed drop from foes, so just keep killing.

The other part is to use a Terminal Overload Key to open the activity’s additional chest. This will give you the Polymorphic Engine.

Step 3: Complete the Partition activity

Complete the Partition quest step in Bluejay

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You will now be able to play the Partition activity. Find it in the Liming Harbor region of Neomuna.

Step 4: Return to the Hall of Heroes

Step 4 in the Bluejay quest to return to the Hall of Heroes

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Go to the Hall of Heroes and repair Bluejay’s memorial.

Step 5: Talk to Quinn

The last step in the Bluejay quest

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Finally, wrap it all up by speaking with Quinn. This will conclude the Legendary quests and will allow you to access the Exotic quest, Strider. You will also be able to do Nimbus’ weekly quest. This is required if you want to play Partition again.

With the Bluejay quest completed, you can now work toward unlocking Winterbite, the Exotic Glaive. There’s still plenty to do around Neomuna, so read over our Destiny 2 strategy guide for help checking everything off your list.

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