Salvation's Edge raid release date & time

Set your alarms and get prepared because The Final Shape raid, Salvation's Edge, is launching sooner than you might think.


The release date for Salvation's Edge, the raid in The Final Shape, has been revealed. This will be the penultimate moment in the campaign and the last raid in the Light and Darkness saga in Destiny 2. What may surprise players is that Salvation's Edge will be available earlier than they might have anticipated, much earlier.

Salvation's Edge raid release date & time

Salvation's Edge raid will release on Friday, June 7, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET. This is a mere three days after the release of The Final Shape, which is remarkably earlier than players had expected. Most raids had launches occurring at least one weekly reset after the release of their associated expansion. This gives players just three days to get ready for the raid, which is not a lot of time.

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The reason for this early raid release is likely due to the nature of the campaign in The Final Shape. Bungie revealed that the final mission in the campaign will not be available until players have beaten Salvation's Edge. The wording of this is slightly ambiguous, however, it’s likely that you do not have to beat the raid to access the mission but that at least one team must clear the raid before the final mission unlocks for everyone.

Salvation's Edge raid Power limit

For those that are considering playing Salvation's Edge the moment it releases, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, Contest Mode will be active, which severely limits your effective Power, locking it 20 points below the enemy. Presumably, there will be an emblem up for grabs for those that manage to beat the raid during the 48 hour Contest Mode window. Bungie revealed in its April 25 TWID that Contest Mode will have a 1965 Power limit.

How to start Salvation's Edge

To start Salvation's Edge, you must complete The Final Shape campaign and then finish the Exotic quest, Wild Card. This will give players a "cohesive and satisfying story experience." If you do not plan on raiding, it is a good idea to finish the Wild Card quest as this will likely contain important information that helps set up the conclusion that occurs after the raid is cleared by the World's First team.

Before the release of the Salvation's Edge raid, make sure you take some time to unlock the Godslayer Title by playing Pantheon and do a few other things to prepare for The Final Shape. Both of these should get you in a good position to be able to tackle whatever the Witness throws at you on June 7, 2024. Keep your eyes locked to our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more coverage of Season of the Wish and the upcoming expansion.

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