How to get the Gjallarhorn Exotic Catalyst - Destiny 2

Unlock the Gjallarhorn Catalyst to make an already powerful Exotic Rocket Launcher even better in Destiny 2.


The Gjallarhorn Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2 makes the mighty Rocket Launcher even more deadly. Players that want to lift their trash mob and boss-killing potential even higher would do well to dive back into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon and unlock the Gjallarhorn Catalyst. It's pretty easy to get, as you only need to find and unlock three new chests.

Gjallarhorn Exotic Catalyst – Unlock in Grasp of Avarice

In order to unlock the Gjallahorn Exotic Catalyst, you must first unlock Gjallarhorn and then head back into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Once you have the Rocket Launcher, new enemies will spawn in specific locations along with three new chests. These chests will only open if you have the Burdened by Riches debuff, which is dropped by Vandals that now spawn near each chest. The following video by VoteforShifu does a great job at outlining the locations of each of the chests. Take a look.

Chest 1

destiny 2 gjallarhorn catalyst

The first chest is after to unlock the dungeon in Skywatch. Drop down and follow the path along until you find some steel beams with a platform right before the crystal cave area. On top of the platform will be the chest. Across the crystal cave will be the Vandal. Damage the Vandal until he drops an engram, grab it, and run back up to the chesst.

Chest 2

The second chest is up the stairs where the barrel rolls down and crushes you after the large, circular room. This room is where the Scorch Cannon and generator mechanic is first introduced. Near the containers that server as stairs will be the Vandal. Damage the Vandal, go up the stairs and instead of jumping across the water to the opposite side, go to the right to find the chest by the blast door. This is right before the fight against Phry’zhia.

Chest 3

The final chest appears after you destroy the shield using the gravity cannons before the final fight. Go to the middle island and aim the cannon back up and over the reward chest. Where you land is where you will find the Vandal. Grab the Burdened by Riches debuff and go back to the middle area. The chest spawns on top of the building.

Opening the third and final chest will reward you with the Gjallarhorn Catalyst. All you need to do now is charge it up. You can either use the start of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon or use the Shuro Chi wish in the Last Wish raid. You might also like to use the Dares of Eternity event, which will also help you level up Xur's Strange Favor rank.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst effect

The Gjallarhorn Catalyst adds a perk called More Wolves. This is what will make Gjallarhorn even more powerful than it already is:

  • More Wolves – Increases magazine size. Final blows with Wolfpack Rounds spawn a faster, more powerful missile at the target's location.

Make sure that once the Gjallarhorn Catalyst is charged, that you apply it to the Rocket Launcher. With that all sorted, stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more Exotic weapon guides. You can also check out our guide on all Exotic Catalysts so you can collect any you’re missing.

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