All Wishes for the Wall of Wishes in the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2

Input the correct patterns into the Wall of Wishes in the Last Wish raid to receive a reward, game effect, or teleport to an encounter.


The world of Destiny 2 continues to shift and change, and now a new oddity has appeared: the Wall of Wishes. This peculiar Wall of Wishes is found in the Last Wish raid and, as its name suggests, grants the player a wish based on button inputs. Players who wish to unlock a new emblem, add a funny effect to kills, or teleport further into the raid would be wise to visit this Wall of Wishes.

How to get to the Wall of Wishes

The Wall of Wishes can be found and used as a solo player, as it is located at the beginning of the Last Wish raid before any encounter. However, it’s worth noting that using any wish that teleports the player to another encounter will result in that character being unable to return to the start of the raid unless the raid is completed or the weekly reset occurs.

Begin by booting up the Last Wish raid found in the Dreaming City, enter the room in the mountain, and jump into the tunnel on the left. Head through the cavern until the entrance to the first boss encounter is reached, but do not head inside (if you do accidentally go inside, turn around and leave). Instead, when facing the boss room, turn left and follow the path around to reach what appears to be a dead end. Jump out over the water and to the right to find a green ledge. From this ledge, jump up to the next ledge above, crouch-walk through the path and jump up to the left. Continue up and around, and then turn right to spot the next ledge. Jump across the gap and climb up the tunnel to find the Wall of Wishes.

Be sure to check out the Shacknews Last Wish raid guide for a complete breakdown of each encounter.

All Wishes for the Wall of Wishes

Hidden at the start of the raid is a small room with 21 buttons, 20 on the wall and one on the ground. By entering the correct pattern and standing on the button, players can make wishes that each have a different reward or effect on the game.

There are sixteen different images that can be cycled through on each of the buttons, starting with four fish symbols, then four snake symbols, four dragon symbols, and then four bird symbols.

  • Wishes can be made as a solo player
  • Players can input as many wishes as they want, however…
  • Players are unable to “restart” the raid if they use a teleport wish
  • Wishes can be used to teleport to later bosses without having to defeat any other boss (teleporting to Morgeth skips Kalli and Shuro Chi)
  • Using the fourth wish to skip to Shuro Chi allows players to backtrack to the secret chest and collect it

More wishes are still being found by the Destiny 2 community. A large effort is taking place over on RaidSecrets, go and join in on the conversation. This guide will continue to be updated as additional wishes are found.

First Wish: Wish to Feed an Addiction

Wish 1 grants an Ethereal Key.

Destiny 2 All Wishes Wall of Wishes Last Wish Raid

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Second Wish: A wish for material validation

Wish 2 causes a chest to spawn between the Morgeth, the Spirekeeper fight and the Vault that can only be opened with a Glittering Key.

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Third Wish: A wish for others to celebrate your success

Wish 3 unlocks an Emblem.

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Fourth Wish: A wish to look athletic and elegant

Wish 4 will immediately wipe the Fireteam and teleport them to the beginning of the fight against Shuro Chi, the Corrupted.

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Fifth Wish: A wish for a promising future

Wish 5 will immediately wipe the Fireteam and teleport them to the beginning of the Morgeth, the Spirekeeper, fight.

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Sixth Wish: A wish to move the hands of time

Wish 6 will immediately wipe the Fireteam and teleport them to the beginning of the Vault encounter.

Destiny 2 Wishes

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Seventh Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 7 will immediately wipe the Fireteam and teleport them to the beginning of the Riven of a Thousand Voices encounter.

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Eighth Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 8 will play the song, Hope for the Future.

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Ninth Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 9 activates a piece of dialogue from Failsafe, who then speaks throughout the raid.

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Tenth Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 10 adds Drifter dialogue to the raid.

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Eleventh Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 11 adds an explosive effect to headshot kills, similar to the Grunt Birthday Party skull from Halo 2.

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Twelfth Wish: A wish to open your mind to new ideas

Wish 12 adds an effect around the player's head.

Destiny 2 Wall of Wishes

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Thirteenth Wish: A wish for the means to feed an addiction

Wish 13 enables Extinguish, where if one player dies, the entire Fireteam goes to Orbit and the raid will reset.

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Fourteenth Wish: A wish for love and support

Wish 14 spawns several Corrupted Eggs throughout the raid.

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Fifteenth Wish: “This one you shall cherish.” – Riven of a Thousand Voices | You wish for a new pathway

The cutscene revealing the final wish
The Guardian's finger obscures the last symbol, but Raid Secrets has tried them all.
Source: Shacknews

Season of the Witch saw Xivu Arath defeated at the hands of Eris Morn, who did so by slaying Savathun, claiming her power, and severing her sister's connection to her throne world. It also had players entering the Imbaru Engine and solving puzzles. The last one, A Parting Gift, concluded with players discovering an Ahamkara egg and seeing a cutscene that revealed "the last wish", as Eris put it.

As you can see, in the cutscene your Guardian's finger is cleverly placed to obscure one of the inputs. However, the Destiny 2 Raid Secrets community has tried all combinations of Wish 15, but unfortunately nothing has happened.

Wish 15 in Destiny 2 as seen during Season of the Wish

Source: Shacknews

At the release of Season of the Wish, players got to play through the story mission, Final Wish, which revealed the actual combination of symbols for Wish 15. However, shooting each symbol turned it into an icon of Riven. So while this is technically Wish 15, it's not really one you can input in the raid to gain anything. Standing on the plate during the mission revealed the on-screen text, "You wish for a new pathway."

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Inputting a wish takes a long time, so it can be worth assigning a teammate one row or column to input. Be sure to double-check that the pattern is correct, as stepping on the button when there is an error will remove all images and players will need to do it all again. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for all our other comprehensive articles.

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