Armor Synthesis Introduction quest - Destiny 2

Completing the Armor Synthesis Introduction quest in Destiny 2 rewards several Synthweave and also explains the workings of the new armor ornament system.


The Armor Synthesis Introduction quest in Destiny 2 is a helpful mission that introduces players to the new armor ornament system. The quest has several steps which are all fairly easy to complete. However, there is a bit of running around on Europa to do, with specific items to find.

Armor Synthesis Introduction quest

Season of the Splicer added armor ornament creation to Destiny 2. This system allows players to transmog their armor into skins. Before you get started on this new mechanic, it’s worth completing the quest, Armor Synthesis Introduction. This quest gives you some of the resources you need to create new ornaments.

Step 1: Speak with Banshee

destiny 2 armor synthesis introduction

The first step in the Armor Synthesis Introduction quest is to visit Banshee-44, he’ll tell you to go speak to Ada-1.

Step 2: Speak with Ada-1

Ada-1 will basically apologize to you for being so mean when you first met her. She’ll then ask you to go spelunking on Europa.

Step 3: Scan a Terminal on Europa

destiny 2 armor synthesis introduction terminal europa

Now, head to Europa and scan a terminal in the Bray Exoscience facilities. There will be a blue banner on the map in Bray Exoscience, the facility in the west of Cadmus Ridge. Enter the facility and when you reach the bright main room, go to the right to find the terminal.

Step 4: Find the processing unit

destiny 2 armor synthesis introduction processing unit

The processing unit you need to find is opposite where you found the terminal in Bray Exoscience on Europa. Exit the small lab and go to the other side of the large bright room to find it.

Step 5: Return to Ada-1

Go to the Tower and chat with Ada-1 to hand off the processing unit.

Step 6: Interact with the Loom

Behind Ada-1 is the Loom, interact with it to complete this step.

Step 7: Speak with Ada-1

With the Loom completed, speak with Ada-1. After her speech, she will reward you with a Synthweave Bolt, which contains 5 Synthweave per class.

That’s all there is to the Armor Synthesis Introduction quest in Destiny 2. When this quest is complete, you can begin the next quest, Tying It All Together, which lets you begin the process of earning more Synthweave and its sub-materials. Read over the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for even more content from this latest season and beyond.

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