Maevic Square Imperial Treasure location in Destiny 2

Learn where to find the Imperial Treasure chest located in Maevic Square on the EDZ in Destiny 2.


The Maevic Square Imperial Treasure is the reward offered upon completing another one of Werner’s bounties. This chest is tucked away in the European Dead Zone and holds a powerful item courtesy of Emperor Calus himself. Players looking to amass a large collection of powerful gear or perhaps some Legendary Shards would do well to track down its location and pop it open.

Destiny 2 | Maevic Square Imperial Treasure location

To find the location of the Maevic Square Imperial Treasure chest, begin by opening the Director and selecting Earth. This is one of the easier chests to find as it’s sitting right out in the open in a fairly familiar location.

Use the Trostland fast travel point to load in – the one located right by Devrim Kay. Once loaded in, cut across the front of the church and toward the opposite side of the area. A little road will wind away toward a few houses. Those who have run the Lake of Shadow Strike will be familiar with this route.

Destiny 2 Maevic Square Imperial treasure
Destiny 2 Maevic Square Imperial treasure

Follow the track along, jump up and into the building and pass through it until you reach the other side. You will come out into Maevic Square overlooking either some Fallen or Taken fighting. The Imperial Treasure chest is located on a rooftop to your right.

Jump up to the roof and open the chest to receive a Triumph (if this is the first time you’ve complete the bounty), a collection of Imperials, as well as some runes. If you’re looking to fully upgrade your Chalice of Opulence, you will need to find some other ways to get more Imperials, as you need several thousand to Masterwork it. The runes are also useful in making all the Menagerie recipes and rune combinations.

Now that you’ve tracked down the Maevic Square Imperial Treasure, head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more Imperial Treasure chest locations!

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