Menagerie recipes and rune combinations - Destiny 2

Learn all the Menagerie recipes for each of the weapon and armor pieces added with the new activity in Season of Opulence in Destiny 2.


Unlocking the new Menagerie-exclusive weapons and armor included in Season of Opulence requires knowing several Menagerie recipes. Each of these recipes utilizes runes and the Chalice of Opulence to create a specific weapon or piece of armor. These rune combinations can be used to unlock the 45+ activity-specific items in Destiny 2.

Menagerie recipes

Each Menagerie recipe uses a set of runes slotted into Rune Slot 1 and Rune Slot 2 in the Chalice of Opulence. These two rune slots are solely responsible for what weapon you receive or what piece of armor you get. The third rune slot dictates what Masterwork the weapon or armor piece receives.

Menagerie weapon rune combinations

The table below shows all available Menagerie recipes for weapons. Some highlights include Beloved and Austringer. These two weapons are versions of guns players may remember from Destiny 1. Another option is Drang, a gun that pairs with the Exotic Hand Cannon Sturm.

Weapon Rune 1 Rune 2
Calus MINI Tool Beast Any Purple
Twilight Oath Jubilation Any Purple
Bad Omens Ambition Any Purple
Trust Desire Any Purple
Drang (Baroque) Pride Any Purple
Proelium FR3 Excess Any Purple
Badlander Wealth Any Purple
Trackless Waste Beast Any Red
Beloved Jubilation Any Red
Zenobia-D Ambition Any Red
Austringer Desire Any Red
The Last Dance Pride Any Red
Main Ingredient Excess Any Red
Parcel of Stardust Wealth Any Red
Hard Truths Beast Any Green
Fate Cries Foul Jubilation Any Green
Sleepless Ambition Any Green
Waking Vigil Desire Any Green
Anonymous Autumn Pride Any Green
The Epicurean Excess Any Green
Imperial Decree Wealth Any Green
Bad Reputation Beast Any Blue
Dreaded Venture Jubilation Any Blue
Fixed Odds Ambition Any Blue
Pribina-D Desire Any Blue
Smuggler's Word Pride Any Blue
Erentil FR4 Excess Any Blue
Dust Rock Blues Wealth Any Blue

Menagerie armor rune combinations

Below is a table of all the rune combinations for the various armor you can receive from the Menagerie. Each armor piece requires a specific rune in slot one, and then any rune of a specific color in the second slot. As with the weapons, the third rune slot is entirely personal preference. The third slot will dictate the elemental resistance of the armor.

Armor Rune 1 Rune 2
Class - Tangled Web Joy Any Purple
Arms - Tangled Web Cunning Any Purple
Legs - Tangled Web Gluttony Any Purple
Helmet - Tangled Web War Any Purple
Chest  - Tangled Web Pleasure Any Purple
Class - Exodus Down Joy Any Red
Arms - Exodus Down Cunning Any Red
Legs - Exodus Down Gluttony Any Red
Helmet - Exodus Down War Any Red
Chest - Exodus Down Pleasure Any Red
Class - Reverie Dawn Joy Any Green
Arms - Reverie Dawn Cunning Any Green
Legs - Reverie Dawn Gluttony Any Green
Helmet - Reverie Dawn War Any Green
Chest - Reverie Dawn Pleasure Any Green
Class - Opulent Joy Any Blue
Arms - Opulent Cunning Any Blue
Legs - Opulent Gluttony Any Blue
Helmet - Opulent War Any Blue
Chest - Opulent Pleasure Any Blue

Below are two tables, designed by windzer408, that show a simplified look at all available Menagerie recipes. These tables only show the first two runes that are required for the desired weapon or armor outcome, they do not include the Masterwork option.

Menagerie recipe weapon
Menagerie recipes armor

To read these tables, start by finding the item you wish to create. Using the Austringer as an example, look to the top row to see what rune must be in the first slot, in this instance it would be a Rune of Desire. Next, look to the left column to see what must be placed in the second slot, in this example it would be any of the red runes.

At this point, you can run through the Menagerie and you will receive the specified item. However, you can also put a rune into the third slot to give the item a Masterwork perk. Hover over each of the runes to see what type of effect it will give. For weapons, these effects are handling, range, reload, and stability. For armor, the effects allow for greater resistance against elemental attacks.

For a complete list of every single item with all potential Masterwork options, check out this incredibly detailed Google Sheet by JpDeathBlade. There are four pages showing all possible combinations, of which there are over 600.

For the most part, the simplified Menagerie recipe table by windzer408 should suffice. It clearly shows the basic runes that must be used to acquire all armor and weapons. If you are looking for extremely specific Masterworks, then JpDeathBlade’s rune combination sheet is the way to go. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more coverage of Bungie’s latest shooter.

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