Daily Focus playlist schedule and rotation - Destiny 2

Use this Daily Focus playlist schedule for Destiny 2's Guardian Games so you can earn more Laurels and complete certain quests.


If you’re asking yourself each time you log in to Destiny 2, “What is the Daily Focus playlist?” Then we’ve got the answers for you. Below you’ll find a Daily Focus playlist schedule so you can better map out your playtime, which means earning more Laurels during Guardian Games 2021.

How to check the Daily Focus playlist

destiny 2 daily focus playlist

While you can use the below Daily Focus playlist schedule to check what it will be over the course of the Guardian Games, it’s also possible to check it in-game. To check the Daily Focus playlist, open your Quest tab and hover over the Medal Case. You will see an orange tooltip at the bottom with a clock that tells you the Daily Focus.

You can also check the Daily Focus by opening the Director and going to Destinations. By holding E or the left trigger, you can pop-out a side tab which tells you the Daily Focus and gives a percentage.

Daily Focus playlist schedule and rotation

The Daily Focus playlist looks to be on a rotation across the main playlist hoppers. Depending on your goals, you may consider jumping into the Daily Focus on a specific day to better advance a quest – like the Competitive Catalyst quest. According to Bungie's Help page, the Daily Focus rotates every five weeks, with Gambit only showing up once every five days:

  1. Strike
  2. Crucible
  3. Strike
  4. Crucible
  5. Gambit

Here’s a table that lists out the Daily Focus playlist until the Guardian Games end date.

Date Daily Focus playlist
Apr-20 Strike
Apr-21 Crucible
Apr-22 Strike
Apr-23 Crucible
Apr-24 Gambit
Apr-25 Strike
Apr-26 Crucible
Apr-27 Strike
Apr-28 Crucible
Apr-29 Gambit
Apr-30 Strike
May-01 Crucible
May-02 Strike
May-03 Crucible
May-04 Gambit
May-05 Strike
May-06 Crucible
May-07 Strike
May-08 Crucible
May-09 Gambit
May-10 Strike
May-11 Crucible

Now that you know the Daily Focus playlist, you should be able to jump into Destiny 2 and earn Laurels by focusing on the correct area of the game. Keep in mind, some tasks may be more difficult depending on the Daily Focus, like the third step in the Competitive Catalyst quest. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more tips on the game’s various annual events.

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