How to use Forge Polymer in Destiny 2

Forge Polymer can be purchased, giving Guardians a new way to earn Black Armory armor in Destiny 2.


With the introduction of the Bergusia forge in Destiny 2, Bungie added a few other things that make Black Armory content a bit more bearable. Yes, it’s cool to craft weapons over and over looking for a god roll, but Black Armory armor was difficult to come by with limited way to earn it. Yesterday, Ada-1 began to sell an item called Forge Polymer, and it has vastly improved how easily Guardians can acquire the armor set.

Forge Polymer in Destiny 2

Forge Polymer Destiny 2

Visit Ada-1 and browse to the second page of her inventory. It’s there that you’ll find Forge Polymer. This item will cost you the following resources:

  • Black Armory Schematic x 6
  • Legendary Shards x 10

After purchasing one of these from Ada-1, ensure that you have a weapon frame that is ready to be built through a forge ignition. Head to the necessary forge, then open your inventory and use the Forge Polymer just before starting the event. If you then head to the Character tab of your menu, you’ll see a buff called Polymerized is active. As soon as you form a Black Armory weapon, and armor piece will drop for you at the same time.

Polymerized Buff Destiny 2

Now for the cool stuff, at least in my opinion. Polymerized doesn’t just work on powerful weapon frames, it works on all weapon frames, so you can theoretically get the complete set in a single week if you’re willing to grind for it. Secondly, Polymerized lasts even if you log out of the game. There is no time limit on it. I haven’t tested it for days on end, but it appears that it will stay active until your next successful weapon forging, at which point you’ll receive your armor and it the buff will disappear.

With a full understanding of how Forge Polymer works, be sure to visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with everything a Guardian would need on their travels.

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