Wanted: Pallas Siegebreaker - Destiny 2

Head to Thieves' Landing to find the Wanted: Pallas Siegebreaker Fallen Captain in Destiny 2.


Wanted enemies have escaped the Prison of Elders and are taking up residence across the various zones in Destiny 2. Each week, the Spider offers several bounties for their elimination, but often few hints are provided as to their location. Today, I’ll help you track down the Wanted: Pallas Siegebreaker, a Wanted Fallen Captain that decided to stay in the Thieves’ Landing zone of the Tangled Shore.

Wanted: Pallas Siegebreaker - Thieves’ Landing

Thieves’ Landing is the zone just outside of where the Spider can be found in the Tangled Shore. In this zone is a Cryo-Pod public event. The Pallas Siegebreaker with a Wanted bounty on its head is the main enemy of that event, so this Fallen Captain is easy to find. Presumably, killing or capturing this foe should be fine, but I’ve always been one to capture since that involves turning the public event into its heroic version. If you aren’t sure how, Shacknews has a guide on how to make the Cryo-Pod public event heroic.

It’s as simple as that. The Wanted: Pallas Siegebreaker is only a grenade throw away from the door to the Spider’s hideout. Just take a seat somewhere safe and wait patiently for the event to begin or run around and do a few of the daily bounties or patrols to collect more Ghost Fragments. Ghost Fragments are about the only thing that can slow a player down when their mind is set on being a bounty hunter.

When the Wanted: Pallas Siegebreaker bounty in Thieves’ Landin is done, turn it in from your inventory and claim the reward. There are likely a lot more Wanted bounties to finish, many of which are in lost sectors scattered around the universe. Check out a complete list of all lost sectors in Destiny 2 or look at the Destiny 2 strategy guide to find help on your next Guardian adventure.

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