Shattered Throne solo guide - Destiny 2

Learn the tricks to make a Shattered Throne solo attempt easier or a duo attempt a little less problematic in Destiny 2.


The Shattered Throne is an endgame activity in Destiny 2 that can be soloed with some practice. The reason why someone might want to solo this activity could be for the unique emblem, the challenge of doing it flawless, or to simply upgrade some specific armor.

Even if you don’t want to solo the Shattered Throne, there are some tips below to help you complete it with a Fireteam of two players. It’s worth noting that this guide will assume you have some knowledge of the activity, if you do not, take some time to read over the full breakdown of the Shattered Throne dungeon.

Shattered Throne solo build

Before you solo the Shattered Throne, you will need to ensure you have a few decent weapons. The weapons listed below are currently the preferred options as of Season of Opulence and Solstice of Heroes. In the event you have none of these weapons, the task of soloing the dungeon won’t be impossible, just a bit more challenging.

Outbreak Perfected is recommended, especially if you can Masterwork it beforehand. With the added nanite damage, you can greatly chunk the health of the ogres, strong enemies, and even Vorgeth.

Shattered Throne solo build
The Recluse is an excellent choice for the Shattered Throne thanks to the increased damage and the Void damage. If you don't have it, use Inaugural Address instead.

The Recluse is just an all-around great weapon, but it excels during the Vorgeth encounter. The Wizards that drop the debuff are made trivial with The Recluse. However, not everyone is able to reach the Fabled Glory Rank, in which case Inaugural Address is a great replacement.

A Grenade Launcher with Spike Grenades is a fantastic boss melting weapon. Select one from our list of best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2. The only encounter you will be using another type of Power weapon is the fight against Dul Incaru.

For the Dul Incaru fight, Tractor Cannon and Whisper of the Worm are still great options. Tractor Cannon for those Warlocks out there and Whisper of the Worm for all classes. The challenge will be preserving ammo for Dul Incaru.

In terms of armor, try and have a full set of Transcendent Blessings inserted into every piece of armor. These mods will increase the amount of damage you deal while in the Dreaming City, making it significantly easier to take down bosses.

Shattered Throne solo

Soloing the Shattered Throne, or even two-manning it, is a great challenge. A lot of patience is going to be needed, as the areas outside of the bosses are lengthy, have a lot of enemies, and a death means restarting the section. The boss fights require repetition to learn, and a bit of luck with enemy positioning.

Erebus solo

Shattered Throne solo
The Erebus section requires a lot of patience to solo, as it can be easy to get overrun with enemies.

The starting area of the Shattered Throne, Erebus, is easy enough to solo. This area is all about patience, slowly clearing enemies, and watching where you jump. Special attention should also be paid to the Taken Cabal, as they will push you right off the edge.

Take it slow as you move from symbol to symbol. Try to clear the smaller enemies before whittling down the Architect.

The Descent solo

The Descent is going to be another slow and steady section. A death here can spell a lot of time wasted. Fight up the stairs, using a sniper rifle to take down enemies from a safe distance.

Once inside, you will need to take down the Hobgoblin with a sniper rifle to avoid getting overwhelmed. Be careful of the Taken Knights’ fire, as it can very quickly kill you. At the end of the area is the rafters section with the ogres.

Shattered Throne rafters The Descent
Unlike when in a Fireteam, take the rafters section really slow and fight from a distance.

For the rafters, move forward until you activate the enemies and then backtrack to a safe distance. Snipe the ogres or use Outbreak Perfected to kill them swiftly. If you need to get closer to them, ensure you have an object or more floor behind you as their eye blast can push you off.

The hallways full of Shadow Thrall should be moved through with relative ease. Use a Super to swim through them easily, especially a Super that has an Exotic that regenerates power on kill. Doom Fang Pauldrons, Gwisin Vest, or just bottom-tree Dawnblade.

Vorgeth solo

Vorgeth could very well be the place where a lot of people give up on a Shattered Throne solo attempt. The position of the enemies, the managing of debuffs, and dealing enough damage to Vorgeth are all difficult to juggle. Though, with the right systems and movement, it’s possible to complete this in one or two rotations.

Vorgeth solo
Keep the Wizards alive, but on low health, until the end, then sweep around and collect the buffs.

First of all, weapon selection is important. Outbreak Perfected can deal a lot of damage if you’re able to keep up sustained fire. A Warlock with a Well of Radiance and Lunafaction Boots or a Titan with Rally Barricade can breeze through the damage phase. For a Hunter, a Grenade Launcher with Spike Grenades might be the preferred option. The trouble is relying on Heavy ammo drops if you can’t one-phase the boss.

The main strategy for this fight is to keep the Wizards barely alive until all the other enemies are defeated.

To deal with the enemies, begin by positioning yourself to the right of where you drop down. Hiding behind this pillar, you can kill the enemies on your left without getting hit by Vorgeth.

Kill the enemies on your left, keeping the Wizard alive on a skerrick of health. Then, focus your efforts on any enemies you can see to your right. Push up to them when most are dead and whittle this Wizard’s health down, too.

Destiny 2 solo shattered throne
Outbreak Perfected with the Catalyst makes light work of Vorgeth, as does a Grenade Launcher with Spike Grenades.

Continue the push around anti-clockwise, using the barricades near the stairs as cover. Clear the enemies, pop the shield of the Wizard if it gets froggy, but keep it low on health.

Push up to the final side. It’s here than you can start the process of killing the Wizards. Clear the enemies, pick up the debuff and circle around the arena, killing the rest of the Wizards and picking up their charges. Once all four charges are collected, dunk your preferred brazier and get to damaging Vorgeth.

If you cannot one-phase Vorgeth when solo, reposition near the starting point and do the loop again. If you wipe and need more Heavy ammo, leave the encounter, find a Public Event flag for the Heavy, and then get back into the Shattered Throne. Alternatively, spend time farming the enemies for ammo and Super energy.


The Eleusinia portion of the Shattered Throne is probably the easiest section to solo. There aren’t many areas where you can fall to your death and the enemies are easy enough to deal with. Just work through this section at your own pace.

Dul Incaru solo

Soloing the Dul Incaru fight is the real challenge and even doing it as a two-person is tough. The main goal will be to whittle the knights down at the same time, and then try to kill Dul Incaru in a single rotation. For those that are soloing the encounter, you either need to blast the knights away in a single go, or deal with them so quickly that they aren't a problem.

Dul Incaru Warlock solo

YouTube user hybridmajik shows one way to clear Dul Incaru as a Warlock.

For Warlock’s, the best option is going to be using top-tree Nova Bomb, Dire Skull of Ahamkara, Tractor Cannon, and Whisper of the Worm. You will want to have full Heavy and Super, which can be done by using a Public Event flag or farming the room repeatedly.

Dul Incaru solo
When soloing Dul Incaru as a Warlock, use the top-tree Voidwalker for the better grenades and Nova Bomb.

From the start, move forward to the knights, causing them to activate. Move to the left and kill the Pisons with a grenade. Slowly move back toward the starting point, corralling the knights into a tighter group. Kill the Psions on the right with weapon shots – it doesn’t matter if you kill them all.

Tractor Cannon the knights and then immediately cast Nova Bomb. They should die in a single hit, if not, clear them with your Kinetic weapon or Special.

Quickly swap to Whisper of the Warm, pick up the three buffs, and cast Empowering Rift. Using Whispered Breathing, land 9 headshots on Dul Incaru to kill her.

Dul Incaru Hunter solo

For Hunters, the ultimate combo as of Season of Opulence is the Liar’s Handshake, a shotgun with One-Two Punch, and top-tree Arcstrider for Combination Blow.

YouTuber Ashraven Blu, shows off how to use Liar's Handshake, One-Two Punch, and Combination Blow to quickly kill the three knights.

Start off by firing your shotgun and punching one of the knights, and then another one if you have time. Quickly rotate to the Psions and kill them using your melee attack. This will increase Combination Blow to x3.

Approach a knight, shotgun blast to get the One-Two Punch effect, then follow up with two melee hits. If it doesn’t die, dodge away and then go back in for another salvo. Repeat the process for the next two knights. You should have all of them down within a few seconds of one another, before Dul Incaru can shield them.

If you haven’t already accidentally collected them, collect the buffs and then use Whisper of the Worm with Whispered Breathing to kill Dul Incaru. Alternatively, use the One-Two Punch and two melee hit combo to kill her.

Dul Incaru Titan solo


Completing the Shattered Throne solo is no easy task. There are a lot of moving parts, and each encounter is incredibly challenging. If you do plan on tackling the dungeon solo, or even as part of a two-man team, make sure you’re well-prepared. The correct subclass and weapons is absolutely essential. For more helpful walkthroughs, check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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