No Trespassing, Trespasser Exotic Catalyst - Destiny 2

Unlock the Trespasser Exotic Catalyst by completing the No Trespassing quest in Destiny 2.


No Trespassing is a new quest in Destiny 2 that unlocks the Trespasser Exotic Catalyst. Players will need to use Trespasser quite a lot, but thankfully, it’s a fairly easy quest to complete with only three steps. Though it might not be the most incredible weapon, it’s worth taking the time to unlock Trespassers catalyst.

No Trespassing quest

The No Trespassing quest can be acquired from Banshee-44 in the Tower after collecting the Trespasser Sidearm. For those that are playing during Season of the Haunted, this Exotic Sidearm can be unlocked via the Season Pass. Anyone playing after Season 17 will need to grab it from the Monument to Lost Lights.

Step 1: Arc damage and precision kills

destiny 2 no trespassing

The first step requires you to defeat targets with Arc damage, precision final blows, and specifically defeat 50 Fallen. Just equip Trespasser and head out completing challenges and earning gear and you’ll get this part done easily.

  • 50 Fallen defeated
  • 50 Targets defeated with Arc damage
  • 50 Targets defeated with precision final blows

Step 2: Defeat targets and complete playlist activities

destiny 2 trespasser exotic catalyst quest

For this step, you must have Trespasser equipped. If you don’t have Trespasser on, you will not gain any progress for this quest step. Once it’s equipped, you will need to jump into playlist activities like Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible and start completing matches. You’ll also need to defeat a whole lot of enemies.

  • 200 Calibration data generated
  • 450 Targets defeated

The best way to do this is to just use Trespasser the entire time. Use it in Gambit, use it in Crucible, and you guessed it, use it in Strikes. In order to get more progress, play Nightfall Strikes at the highest difficulty you can comfortably achieve. You’ll also gain more progress from wins in Crucible and Gambit.

Step 3: Return to Banshee-44

When the previous two steps are done, you’ll just have to head back to Banshee-44 to complete No Trespassing.

At this point, insert the Trespasser Exotic Catalyst into the gun and get to work charging it up. It takes 700 kills to charge it, so head into Dares of Eternity or the Shuro Chi checkpoint in Last Wish to get this done quickly. Once completed, the Sidearm will receive Tunnel Vision, which increases target acquisition and ADS speed after defeating a target and reloading.

With the No Trespassing quest completed, you’ll be the proud owner of the Trespasser Exotic Catalyst. There are plenty of other Exotic Catalysts in Destiny 2 to unlock, so take some time grabbing what you’re missing. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help across all areas of the game.

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