Suited for Combat - Destiny 2

How to complete the Suited for Combat Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2.


Suited for Combat is one of the Seasonal Challenges for Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2. This task has players defeating hundreds of targets across the universe wearing armor. Unfortunately, the current wording of the challenge isn’t clear, as you must have equipped a very specific set of armor.

Suited for Combat

destiny 2 suited for combat
The Suited for Combat Seasonal Challenge requires players wear the Praefectus armor.

The ninth week of Season of the Chosen includes a Seasonal Challenge called Suited for Combat. This challenge requires players defeat 400 combatants anywhere in the system. It also says “with a full set of armor.” What this task is actually asking is for you to wear a full set of Praefectus armor, which is the seasonal armor.

By equipping the Praefectus armor and heading out to defeat enemies, you will actually see the challenge start to complete. Remember, a full set includes helmet, gauntlets, chest, boots as well as class item.

How to get Praefectus armor

destiny 2 praefectus armor
You can get Praefectus armor through the Season Pass, Umbral Engrams, and world drops.

It’s all good and well to know that you need Praefectus armor, but perhaps you’ve dismantled all of yours for Legendary Shards and now you need another set. Thankfully, you can get Praefectus armor from the Season Pass, Umbral Engrams, as well as through world drops.

If you’ve already used all your Season Pass rewards, you’re going to want to start farming up a supply of Umbral Engrams. You can use the Prismatic Recaster in the H.E.L.M. to select the Chosen Regalia Focused option, this will ensure the engram contains a piece of the Praefectus armor.

A good place to farm Umbral Engrams is by playing the Battlegrounds playlist. Smashing Tribute Chests may result in you getting the pieces of armor you require.

Completing the Suited for Combat Seasonal Challenge in Destiny 2 is easy, unfortunately, the wording isn’t clear which can lead to some troubles. Now that you know you need Praefectus armor, you can get out there and crush your enemies. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more tips and guidance through Bungie’s latest title.

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