BrayTech Osprey god roll - Destiny 2

Though not the best Rocket Launcher archetype, it is possible to get a BrayTech Osprey god roll thanks to its perk pool.


BrayTech Osprey has returned to the Nightfall loot table and Destiny 2 players are weighing up the perks they want. While there are more potent Rocket Launchers out there, it’s definitely possible to find a decent BrayTech Osprey god roll for PVE or PVP.

PVE – BrayTech Osprey god roll

There’s a good chance that if you’re farming Grandmaster Nightfalls for a BrayTech Osprey, you’re doing it for a PVE god roll. When it comes to the available perks, there are a few tasty offerings, but how you use Rocket Launchers and where you’ll be using this will ultimately change your own god roll.

BrayTech Osprey - PVE
Barrel Quick Launch (Velocity +10, Handling +15)
Magazine Impact Casing (Stability +10, Impact damage +10 percent)
Perk 1 Field Prep (Increased ammo reserves. Faster reload, stow, and ready when you're crouching.)
Perk 2 Lasting Impressions (Rockets attach on impact and detonate after a delay. Increases blast radius and damage.)
Origin Trait Stunning Recovery (Stunning a Champion partially refills your magazine, triggers health regeneration, and improves recovery for a short duration.)
Masterwork Reload Speed +10
Mod Adept Big Ones Spec / Boss Spec / Major Spec

To begin with, Quick Launch will see an increase to the Velocity and Handling stats, helping you whip this out and aim it faster. The next perk should always be Impact Casing, as it offers a slight damage increase – but every percentage counts.

The two perk trees are where a lot of personal preferences come into play. I am a big proponent of Field Prep and Lasting Impressions. The former increases reload speed and expands reserves, making it easier to get damage on the boss. Lasting Impressions equates to about 20 percent additional damage, but it does come at the cost of a delayed detonation which could land outside of a boss’ damage phase.

BrayTech Osprey god roll for PVE shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

If there are enemies aplenty, another option is Golden Tricorn though it is fiddly to activate and temperamental to keep going. You’ll need to spend a rocket getting a kill, and then getting another defeat with a Void grenade or melee, and then you’ll get 50 percent extra damage for 10 seconds. If you can get out three rockets within this time, you’ll be dealing more damage. You can always increase the timer by getting another grenade or melee kill.

Additionally, consider Auto-Loading Holster if you’ve got a few other weapons to use and want to maximise your damage output. This works well in encounters like Taniks where double shotties still rule the roost.

PVP – BrayTech Osprey god roll

Wether Rocket Launchers are in vogue or the meta shifts away from them, they’re always fun to use in PVP. When it comes to BrayTech Osprey, the same holds true. It might not be the best, but it sure does have a few perks that lets it spread around the pain.

BrayTech Osprey - PVP
Barrel Linear Compensator (Blast Radius +5, Velocity +5, Stability +5)
Magazine Black Powder (+5 Blast Radius, -10 Stability)
Perk 1 Cluster Bomb (Rockets spawn cluster bombs upon detonation.)
Perk 2 Chain Reaction (Each final blow with this weapon creates an elemental damage explosion.)
Origin Trait Vanguard's Vindication (Final blows with this weapon grant a small amount of health.)
Masterwork Velocity +10
Mod Quick Access Sling (Increases this weapon's ready and stow speed.)

Linear Compensator and Black Powder work together to get the Blast Radius to max. You’ll also see a slight bump to Velocity and Stability, which is further addressed with a Velocity Masterwork. This will get the rocket to your enemy faster and should catch them if they tumble away.

BrayTech Osprey god roll for PVP shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

For the perks, Cluster Bomb and Chain Reaction ensures that the Blast Radius is ratcheted up to eleven. The Cluster Bombs will carpet a greater area and anyone that dies to it will also explode, potentially catching someone nearby who wasn’t hit with the rocket’s explosion.

Farming for a BrayTech Osprey god roll is worth it, if only to have one in the Vault if Bungie tweaks the Rocket Launcher archetypes. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more weapon god rolls.

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