How to get Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

The Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon has been added to Destiny 2 and its quest line could give some players a bit of trouble.


The Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon is a brand new weapon in the Destiny 2 universe. The quest to unlocking this antithesis to Thorn is reasonably lengthy, with some steps involving a bit of grinding through PVE and PVP. For those that want to fulfil a support role, unlocking Lumina will be a top priority.

How to start the Lumina quest

Destiny 2 Lumina start quest
To start the quest for Lumina, go to the EDZ and into the Salt Mines. Pass through the teleporter and search in the campsite where Thorn was found.

To start the Lumina quest, you must go to an area beyond the Salt Mines in the EDZ. This area is accessed via a teleporter near a lift inside the Salt Mines. For those who have unlocked Thorn, this area will be familiar.

Starting at the Trostland fast travel point, go behind the cathedral where Devrim is located. Follow the path until you reach the Salt Mines area. Go inside and clear out the Fallen. On the left-hand side of the area will be a lift with a Fallen teleporter. Interact with the teleporter to transmat to the next area and then follow the track up the hill.

When you reach the end of the path, walk along the railing on the left and jump up into a cave. Exit the cave to find a ransacked campsite, on the other side is a chest. Open the chest to receive A Fateful Gift and System Positioning Device.

How to get Lumina

Once you have A Fateful Gift, the real journey to unlocking Lumina begins. The quest for Lumina has multiple steps that span PVE and PVP. There will be a bit of grinding, though listed below are a few strategies to cheese or speed the process along.

A Fateful Gift

Destiny 2 A Fateful Gift and System Positioning Device
Read the System Positioning Device to learn where the chest is located that you must find.

This step of the quest requires you to track down the original Thorn using the System Positioning Device. This device points to a chest, though the chest changes position every hour. Make sure you read what the System Positioning Device says, as your chest may appear in one of a dozen locations.

Bearer of Evils Past

Destiny 2 Bearer of Evils Past
Go to the Blind Well to generate Orbs of Light for this part of the Lumina quest.

The next step will be to neutralize Thorn’s Darkness by filling the weapon with the strength of your Light. To do this, you must generate 250 Orbs of Light. The easiest way to complete this task is to play the Blind Well as the Harmony buff refills your Super incredibly quickly. Use a Masterwork weapon to spawn extra orbs to help this process along.

Rose, Revealed

Destiny 2 Rose, Revealed
Restore the perks of Rose by completing the three associated side quests.

Rose, Revealed is the next step, where you receive a Legendary Hand Cannon called Rose as well as three quests. The goal will be to complete each of the quests to restore one perk to Rose. The three quests are:

  • Band Together: Complete a Nightfall strike with 50,000 score
  • Face the Hordes: Complete Blind Well, Black Armory forges, or Escalation Protocol encounters
  • Defend the Light: Defeat enemies without reloading your weapon

The Nightfall strike part is self-explanatory, simply pick a Nightfall you like and play through it. If you’re struggling to hit the 50,000 point, use the Five of Swords to increase the score modifier.

For Face the Hordes, each option is equally viable. Escalation Protocol rewards one point per wave, a Heroic Blind Well gives four points, and Forges offer four points for a complete ignition (two of the first two rounds and two for the final round). While Blind Well might offer the most, it could take the longest to complete. Black Armory Forges, especifically Bergusia, is likely going to be the best option.

Look over the Escalation Protocol rotation, as it could be a good idea to farm this up if you’re chasing a specific weapon or trying to complete the Worldline Zero Exotic Catalyst.

Fireteam Leader

Destiny 2 Fireteam Leader Lumina quest
The more people using Rose in your Fireteam, the quicker this step goes. Head to the Menagerie to earn 35% per run.

The Fireteam Leader step for unlocking Lumina is going to be the most time-consuming. You will need to complete activities with Rose equipped. Thankfully, a Fireteam that is all using Rose is the most efficient. A good idea is to play through the Menagerie, as it rewards 35% per run when everyone is using Rose. Heroic Public Events reward 2% while the Lake of Shadows strike nets 7%.

Strength in Numbers

The Strength in Numbers portion requires players to do a few tasks: generate 50 Orbs of Light in any activity, get Hand Cannon kills in Crucible, and quickly defeat an Invader before they kill anyone on your team. There’s really not a lot to this step, the main problem will be trying to kill an Invader before anyone dies.


The final step to unlock Lumina is Bloom. For this step, you must run through the Will of a Thousands Strike with Rose equipped and destroy 11 crystals. These crystals are all over the strike and easy to spot, as they’re floating ominously in the air. You will need to complete both of these steps in a single run.

Once all these steps in this quest are finished, Lumina will unlock and you can begin being the ultimate support player in Destiny 2. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more Exotic weapon walkthroughs!

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