Invitation of the Nine in Destiny 2

Visit Xur each Friday to pick up a new set of steps in the Invitation of the Nine quest line.


The arrival of Xur in Destiny 2 on March 19, 2019 introduced Guardians to a quest line called Invitation of the Nine. This line spans a total of nine weeks, which is a number that will appear many times throughout its duration. Below, Guardians will find the steps and instructions to complete this entire quest, with new updates every time Xur shows up with the next step.

Invitation of the Nine

The Invitation from the Nine can be picked up from Xur, who. You don’t have to buy it from him, but you might want to buy something else he’s selling depending on how complete your exotic collection is. Once you’ve picked up the Invitation of the Nine it will show up in your inventory under Pursuits. From there it can be tracked through until its completion

The World and Into the Unknown

The World Quest Step in Destiny 2

The first quest step is called The World and has the following criteria that Guardians must complete:

  • Lake of Shadows strike
  • Cabal samples
  • Fallen samples
  • Taken samples

This is approximately 20-30 minutes of work depending on how lucky you get with the drops. The samples must be collected in the EDZ, so consider spawning in at the Trostland region near Devrim Kay. There is a fight that occasionally takes place between the Fallen and Cabal that can push this quest step forward in a big hurry. Besides that, head to the Gulch to find a steady supply of Cabal and stay in Trostland to find plenty of Fallen. The Taken, however, can be found when firing up the Lake of Shadows strike, which is also in the EDZ. It can be accessed from the Director. It doesn’t have to be heroic or a Nightfall, and it shouldn’t take more than two runs (it’s a five-minute strike) to get all nine samples.

Into the Unknown Quest Step in Destiny 2
Mystery and Potential Mission in Destiny 2

The next quest step is called Into the Unknown and will ask Guardians to complete a single-player mission called Mystery and Potential. This can be found by loading into the Gambit Director. There will be a small dot next to the Reckoning event. Fire up the mission and load in. When you’re set to go, run forward and hop into the portal, then run forward and jump down and into another portal. This is where you’ll meet the Emissary of the Nine, completing the mission. Grab your reward from the chest, read any lore you’ve unlocked, then spend the next week waiting for Xur to return.

Justice and Into the Unknown

Justice Invitation of the Nine Destiny 2

The second Invitation of the Nine will see Guardians head to Titan to do some dirty work. You can find the quest steps below:

  • Savathun's Song strike completed
  • Fallen samples
  • Hive samples

The easiest way to knock the Justice quest step out is to head to Titan and load into Savathun's Song. It doesn't have to be the Nightfall or from the playlist. Just use the Director on Titan to fire it up. There will be a lot of Hive in here, and a single run should give you the nine samples you're after, and the strike completion. Once that's out of the way, enter the free roam mode on Titan and hang out at Siren's Watch. You can also partake in the two Fallen Walker public events that pop up. All in, the tasks in this quest step will take about 30 minutes, strike included.

The final quest step for the Invitation of the Nine this week is to fire up the Mystery and Potential mission from the Gambit Director. You must load in solo, but there's no combat. Just run forward and hop through the portal like you were firing up The Reckoning,  then enjoy the dialogue and loot.

Invitation of the Nine will play out in the weeks to come but expect a lot of downtime while you wait for Xur to return. In the meantime, visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for help with improving your Guardian in all ways.

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