What Time Does Xur Come in Destiny 2?

Find out the time Xur is set to arrive in Destiny 2.


With the release of Curse of Osiris for Destiny 2, a lot of timing got thrown off. The weekly reset time was changed as did the time our favorite merchant makes his appearance. This has left players wondering, “Why time does Xur come?” This is an important question to ask, especially if you're hoping he sells an item you're missing from your collection.

What Time Does Xur Come in Destiny 2?

Below is the time Xur arrives in Destiny 2, separated into various time zones. If you don’t see your time zone listed, you can use a time zone converter or just use Google. Xur now shows up eight hours later than he was originally scheduled to appear back at the launch of Destiny 2 and during the entirety of the original Destiny’s lifespan.

  • 11am CST Friday (Central US)
  • 12pm EST Friday (East US)
  • 1am HKT Saturday (Hong Kong)
  • 3am AEST Saturday (Brisbane)
  • 4am AEDT Saturday (Sydney)

Now that Xur is selling Fated Engrams after the recent Update, it’s important you go and visit the Agent of the Nine so you can expand your Exotic collection and nab something you’re missing. Remember, be sure to purchase any item’s you’re missing before buying the Fated Engram, as the engram is guaranteed to reward you with an item you do not own.

If you’re in a time zone where Xur’s arrival is at a stupidly early hour of the day, don’t fret about jumping on and finding out what Xur’s selling, as we cover Xur’s inventory as soon as he appears. You can check out our Xur tag for the latest article detailing his wares.

Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more information about Bungie’s latest entry into the franchise.

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