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How to Get Resonate Stem Consumables in Destiny 2

Learn how to get Resonate Stem consumables for exotic returns in Destiny 2.


New DLC in Destiny 2 means a new type of resource to find and farm for reasons that aren’t usually immediately known. With Warmind, Guardians will find themselves looking for a consumable called Resonate Stem, although we have a pretty good idea of what they’re for.

How to Get Resonate Stem

Resonate Stem doesn’t appear to be available until players progress through the main story of Warmind and complete a couple world quests that lead to the IKELOS_HC_V.1.0.1 legendary hand cannon. After which, a quest step called Nascent Dawn 1/5 is received. This requires Guardians to complete three patrols on Mars, and then loot a lost sector on Mars. Following these actions players will get a message at the bottom of their screen under the heading Project: CB.NAV stating that, “You’ve acquired enough Resonate Stems to make an Override Frequency. Open your inventory to generate one.”

Four of these Resonate Stems are consumed to create an Override Frequency, which is then used to gain access to one of the 40 Sleeper Nodes on Mars. The Sleeper Nodes, it appears, will be one of the keys to getting the Sleeper Simulant exotic linear fusion rifle.

Guardians will need many more Resonate Stems, though, and they key to this is found in activities on Mars itself. Partake in the following to earn Resonate Stems:

  • Vanguard Patrols
  • Lost Sectors
  • High-Value Targets
  • Public Events
  • Completed Challenges

It’s common to receive a single Resonate Stem from each of these activities, so no matter how fast a player is, this will take some time. Theoretically, a player will need 160 Resonate Stems to get the 40 Override Frequencies required to access each Sleeper Node (although only 15 Sleeper Nodes are required to get the Sleeper Simulant).

With a full understanding of how to get the Resonate Stem consumable, be sure to pay a visit to our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide, where information can be found on all aspects of Destiny 2.


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