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Learn all of the recipes available in the Dawning, where to find the ingredients, and how to get more Essence of Dawning.


The Dawning holiday is here in Destiny 2 and with it comes a dozen or so recipes for players to bake into cookies to give to people around the Tower. Destiny 2 doesn’t reveal these oven recipes, so it’s up to the player to find them all through trial and error, or refer to a handy cooking recipe so as to avoid any burned goodies.

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The Dawning oven recipes

There are several recipes for players to discover during the Dawning and all of them require various ingredients in order to be crafted. Though it is possible to unlock all of the recipes using trial and error, it can be an expensive endeavor, as each ingredient can be time-consuming to come by.

Destiny 2 The Dawning oven recipes
Eva has returned to the Tower bearing a gifts: an improved oven that can be used to bake cookies, but only if you follow the recipes!

The table below details each of the cookie types, the recipes used to craft each one, and the recipient whom the cookie should be given. Note that each cookie requires 15 Essence of Dawning to be baked in Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0. Most of the recipes are ones we saw during last year's Dawning event, however, a few new recipes have joined the fold. We're working hard to find their ingredients, so check back later for more information.

Those looking to make the Burnt Edge Transit cookie should be aware that it is created with two items that are incompatible. The recipe we've included below is just one of a few variations, but it's also one of the easiest combinations to put together.

It's also worth noting that has destinations are added and removed, some recipients will be no longer available or new ones will be added. Old recipients will be left in the table below for documentation's sake.

The Dawning recipe list
Cookie Recipe Give To
Burnt Edge Transit Vex Milk
Delicious Explosion
Master Rahool
Gjallardoodles Ether Cane
Delicious Explosion
Commander Zavala
Vanilla Blades Cabal Oil
Sharp Flavors
Lord Shaxx
Chocolate Ship Cookies Cabal Oil
Null Taste
Amanda Holliday
Eliksni Birdseed Ether Cane
Personal Touch
Louis (Hawthorne's bird)
Traveler Donut Holes Cabal Oil
Flash of Inspiration
Ikora Rey
Telemetry Tapioca Vex Milk
Bullet Spray
Gentleman's Shortbread Ether Cane
Perfect Taste
Devrim Kay
Alkane Dragee Cookies Chitin Powder
Bullet Spray
Infinite Forest Cake Vex Milk
Impossible Heat
Radiolarian Pudding Vex Milk
Electric Flavor
Asher Mir
Javelin Mooncake Chitin Powder
Sharp Flavor
Ana Bray
Dark Chocolate Motes Taken Butter
Null Taste
Candy Dead Ghosts Dark Ether Cane
Flash of Inspiration
Ill-Fortune Cookies Dark Ether Cane
Impossible Heat
Petra Venj
Strange Cookies Taken Butter
Electric Flavor
Fractal Rolls Vex Milk
Pinch of Light
Brother Vance
Thousand Layer Cookie Taken Butter
Delicious Explosion
Lavender Ribbon Cookies Vex Milk
Personal Touch
Fried Sha-Dough Dark Ether Cane
Superb Texture
Hot Crossfire Buns Ether Cane
Balanced Flavor
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Chitin Powder
Finishing Touch
Eris Morn
Hackberry Tart Cabal Oil
Multifaceted Flavors
Benedicts 99-40
Classic Butter Cookie Taken Butter
Superb Texture
Eva Levante
Bittersweet Biscotti Dark Ether Cane
Balanced Flavors
Blueberry Crumblers Ether Cane
Bullet Spray
Shaw Han
Bright Dusted Snowballs Chitin Powder
Multifaceted Flavors
Etheric Coldsnaps Chitin Powder
Electric Flavor
Ascendant Apple Tart Taken Butter
Sharp Flavor
Queen Mara Sov
Starwort Thins Dark Ether Cane
Dark Frosting
Exo Stranger

The Dawning ingredient locations

There are more than a dozen ingredients that can be found or purchased that are used to create the recipes. Players looking to bake all of the cookies in the Dawning will need to collect all of the ingredients, some of them a few times. Ingredients can be found out in the wild by killing enemies or purchased from Eva Levante using Essence of Dawning. There appear to be some new ingredients during this year's Dawning, so we'll update our guide with more information as we track down their locations.

The ingredients come in two forms, Uncommon and Rare. Last year, Uncommon ingredients could be purchased from Eva Levante for 5 Essence of Dawning while Rare ingredients costing 10. Unfortunately, this option doesn't appear to be available in The Dawning for 2020, so you'll want to get to grinding as soon as possible to get the items you need.

The Dawning ingredient list
Ingredients Rarity Where to find Price (Essence of Dawning) Total Needed
Vex Milk Uncommon Kill Vex N/A 4
Ether Cane Uncommon Kill Fallen N/A 3
Cabal Oil Uncommon Kill Cabal N/A 3
Chitin Powder Uncommon Kill Hive N/A 2
Taken Butter Uncommon Kill Taken N/A 2
Dark Ether Cane Uncommon Kill Scorn N/A 2
Delicious Explosion Rare Kills with explosives: grenades, rockets, grenade launchers N/A 2
Sharp Flavor Rare Kills with swords N/A 2
Impossible Heat Rare Solar kills N/A 2
Electric Flavor Rare Arc kills N/A 2
Null Taste Rare Void kills N/A 2
Flash of Inspiration Rare Generate Orbs of Light N/A 2
Personal Touch Rare Melee kills N/A 1
Perfect Taste Rare Precision kills N/A 1
Bullet Spray Rare SMG, Machine Gun, and Auto Rifle kills N/A 2
Finishing Touch Rare Earned by completing Finishers on enemies N/A 1
Balanced Flavors Rare Bow, sniper, and scout rifle kills N/A 1
Pinch of Light Rare Earned by picking up Orbs of Light N/A 1
Multifaceted Flavors Rare Multi-kills on any enemy N/A 1
Superb Texture Rare  Super kills on any enemy N/A 1
Dark Frosting Rare Stasis defeats N/A

How to get more Essence of Dawning

Essence of Dawning is an essential ingredient in all of the recipes players will need to make during the holiday event. Each recipe requires 15 of these, meaning players will need to get a total of 300 Essence of Dawning to craft all the recipes, and that's not taking into account if they want to purchase ingredients directly from Eva.

The first stop in getting more Essence of Dawning is to complete Eva Levante’s Dawning bounties. A couple of these bounties reward 5 apiece, which is a nice little bump when just starting. Nearly all activities in Destiny 2 will reward some amount of Essence of Dawning, though strikes and longer events appear to reward players with much more Essence of Dawn than other activities. A lot of Essence of Dawning can be earned from the Nightfall, Gambit, and Heroic Strikes – so we recommend getting those Challenges done before you switch to other activities, like the Crucible.

The Dawning rewards

This time around, players will find themselves rewarded with several different goodies. In fact, the first gift that you deliver to Zavala will grant you your first Cold Front, a new SMG that you can earn additional rolls for throughout The Dawning event. Here's what it looks like in-game.

Destiny 2 - Cold Front SMG
The Cold Front SMG in Destiny 2.

The Dawning is Destiny 2's way of celebrating the end of the year and all that players have accomplished. This year, players can earn some pretty awesome rewards by simply following a few recipes and baking some cookies using Eva's Holiday Oven 2.0. Be sure to head over to the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more information on Destiny 2's limited-time events.

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