What Does Requires Armory Code Mean in Destiny 2?

The Rasputin Armory Code is the key to unlocking a very powerful weapon in Destiny 2.


With the Warmind DLC out now for Destiny 2, Guardians must get accustomed to new mechanics that they haven’t previously seen. Take the Requires Armory Code hatches on Mars, for example. At first glance nothing can be done with them, and most Guardians are unlikely to have figured out where to get the codes from this early in the Warmind DLC.

How to Get Rasputin Armory Codes

The Requires Armory Code hatches are frequently found near where public events or Escalation Protocols are taking place. In fact, they will often activate during such events. To open them, however, players need to get something called the Rasputin Armory Code.

The Rasputin Armory Code will drop from public events on Mars, which means that Guardians must grind the very events they need the codes to help them complete. The system is clearly rigged, but that’s how it works. A Rasputin Armory Code could also drop from yellow-bar bosses roaming Mars (you know, the ones that drop chests from the sky when they die), so acquiring them is mostly about going on a patrol and spending time in the world, and players will do a lot of that on Mars if the want the Worldline Zero exotic sword.

Once a Rasputin Armory Code has been collected, fire up an Escalation Protocol. The hatches will begin to activate, at which time the code can be redeemed for the Valkyrie weapon. This gem comes with a time limit, but it does massive damage and can help a fireteam of overwhelmed Guardians progress to the next stage of the event.

Finding a Rasputin Armory Code can help get through an Escalation Protocol, but so can hitting the max Power level in Destiny 2, which has been increased with Warmind. If that isn’t of interest, our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide has loads of content to browse through.

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