Contact Public Event schedule - Destiny 2

Learn when the Taken Pyromaster, Taken Howler, and Taken Monstrosity arrive in Destiny 2 for the Contact: Heavy Hitters Triumph.


With the Season of Arrivals in Destiny 2, Bungie introduced Contact, a new public event that features a different boss each week. For Guardians that are chasing the Forerunner Seal, you’ll need to complete the Contact: Heavy Hitters Triumph. To do this, you must fight and defeat all three Contact bosses.

Contact Public Event schedule

Contact Public Event Schedule Destiny 2

The Contact boss will rotate weekly, but given that we’re more than three weeks into Season of Arrivals, we should all have completed Contact: Heavy Hitters, right? Unfortunately, there was a bug the first few weeks that prevented Guardians from completing this Triumph. You have probably fought and defeated all three, but it didn’t count.

This week (July 14 to July 20), Guardians can fight and defeat the Taken Howler. Next week (July 21 to July 27), you can fight and defeat the Taken Pyromaster. The following week it will be the Taken Monstrosity. You’ll get a new boss each week, and we’ve included the schedule below for your convenience:

  • July 14 - Taken Howler
  • July 21 - Taken Pyromaster
  • July 28 - Taken Monstrosity
  • August 4 - Taken Howler
  • August 11 - Taken Pyromaster
  • August 18 - Taken Monstrosity
  • August 25 - Taken Howler
  • September 1 - Taken Pyromaster
  • September 8 - Taken Monstrosity
  • September 15 - Taken Howler

Because the Season of Arrivals ends with the September 22 reset, that’s where the schedule ends. Luckily, you have three more full rotations, so each boss will be available three more times, with the Taken Howler available four more times if you count this week (July 14). Just make sure you complete a Heroic Contact Public Event each week and you should be good to go.

Now that you’ve solved the mystery of how to finish the Contact: Heavy Hitters Triumph by following our Contact Public Event schedule, visit the Destiny 2 strategy guide for all your Guardian needs.

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