All Oracle locations in The Whisper for Oracular Seeker - Destiny 2

Where to find all seven Oracles hidden in The Whisper Exotic quest in Destiny 2 to unlock Karve of the Worm.


There are seven Oracles for players to find and destroy in the Exotic mission The Whisper in Destiny 2. Finding all of these will unlock the associated Triumph, Oracular Seeker, which in turn grants access to the ship, Karve of the Worm. Here’s where to find them.

All Oracle locations

The Oracles in The Whisper only appear after you destroy the one before it. Additionally, when The Whisper first released, only two were available, but now they all should appear. These Oracles are a different shape than the ones that appear in the Vault of Glass, taking on a diamond appearance similar to the ones that appear on Neomuna and in other Vex activities.

All of the Oracles are found before the first room full of enemies.

Oracle #1

Looking at the red platform at the start

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From the red platform looking up at where the Oracle is

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The first oracle is after you defeat the first Taken Phalanx and destroy the Taken Blight to drop down the hole. Instead of jumping down to the red platform, turn to your left and jump over the little wall. Follow the ledge around to the Oracle.

Oracle #2

Arrows and circles drawn on the wall showing the location of the hole in the wall

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The second Oracle is after the section where you crouch-walk through a tunnel with pushy walls. Jump over to the side with the two big spheres and use the elevator platform to go up. Don’t go through the first hole as you would normally, instead, go along the ledge and look for a small hole in the wall above you. Through the hole is the next Oracle.

Oracle #3

The V-shaped room with a circle highlighting a Vex cube

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This Oracle is at the end of the section with the diamond tunnel with pushy walls and the pillars that for a V shape. When you reach the end, don’t go through the hole with the quick-closing door. Turn around and face the way you just came to spot a Vex cube to your left. Destroy it and jump to the platform that appears to find this Oracle.

Oracle #4

Arrows point the way up the wall in the green room

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The final small platform in the green room

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Another Oracle is located in the large green room, this time at the top. Use the small ledges that circle the room to reach the top. The finishing position will be directly above where you entered. Drop down to the little grassy square and go through the hole to find another Oracle.

Oracle #5

An arrow points down through the floor in the green room

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An arrow points into a dark hallway in the green room

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This Oracle is located beneath the large green room. Drop down to where all the Taken Thrall spawn and make your way to the opposite end. Go through the dark hallway and look for a hole in the wall on the right.

Oracle #6

The final ledge before jumping down to the doorway far below

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The player shows a wider angle of the ledge with a hidden path below it

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The second last Oracle is in the the cavern after the green room. This is found directly below the ledge you would run across to reach the hole far below you. Instead of jumping out to the hole, step off the side of the ledge to find a hidden shelf that leads to a back room with this final Oracle. The final Oracle will have you backtracking a little bit in order to reach the Vex portal in the distance.

Oracle #7

A pathway along the wall is highlighted by an arrow toward the Vex portal

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The Vex portal is visible and a circle highlights where the Vex Oracle would be

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The final Oracle is out behind the Vex portal in the chasm immediately after the green room. You can reach this by jumping over to the platforms on your right. Continue until you reach the Vex portal and look over the edge to find the Oracle. This one only appears after you get the sixth Oracle, so you'll need to backtrack a bit to get it.

As mentioned above, these Oracles will unlock on a weekly basis so while the first two are known, the remainder are estimates based on the reticle turning red when you reach their location. Check back with us each week as we confirm all the Oracle locations in The Whisper so you can unlock Karve of the Worm. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more on the Exotic missions and other endgame activities.

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