Where to farm Powerful Cabal - Destiny 2

Find Powerful Cabal in Destiny 2 and start knocking out defeats for quests, bounties, and challenges.


Sometimes Destiny 2 requests you defeat a certain enemy type, like Powerful Cabal. For those that need to find a few and for those that need to find many, there are some choice locations in Destiny 2 where you can farm Cabal.

Where to farm Powerful Cabal

The best place to farm Powerful Cabal in Destiny 2 is a Lost Sector. It doesn’t matter which Lost Sector, so long as it’s one with Cabal and some Nightmares. The Conflux Lost Sector on Nessus (found in The Cistern) offers a Cabal boss (Shayotet Partisan) as well as several Nightmare Warbeasts. It is important to whittle the boss’s health in order to cause additional Warbeasts to spawn.

The Antiquarian IV weekly challenge in Destiny 2 needs Powerful Cabal defeats
Defeating a boss-level Powerful Cabal will yield 2 percent toward the challenge.
Source: Shacknews

For those searching for Powerful Cabal during Season of Plunder (for the Antiquarian IV weekly challenge), The Conflux will yield 10 percent per run if you defeat all four Warbeasts and the boss. Check out our Lost Sector locations guide if The Conflux is eluding you.

There are alternative Lost Sectors to consider when farming Cabal. The EDZ has five Cabal-specific Lost Sectors, giving players a bit of variety when searching for defeats. Another option is Nightmare Containment. Though there are a lot of Scorn, there are also Cabal bosses, and running this is useful if you need the Umbral Energy for weapons.

Finding and farming Powerful Cabal in Destiny 2 is easy, though time-consuming. The best option is to find a Lost Sector you like and run through it a few times until you get what you need. Looking for more guidance? Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for a wealth of information.

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