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Start rinsing bosses in Destiny 2 with a god roll Praedyth's Revenge.


Praedyth’s Revenge is back and ready for action in Destiny 2. This Primary-slot Sniper Rifle can roll with a host of different perks, which means the hunt for a Praedyth’s Revenge god roll is on. If you’re looking for some perk recommendations, I’ve got some suggestions for you. Let’s go!

Praedyth’s Revenge god rolls

Praedyth’s Revenge features quite a few perks that make it an appealing Sniper Rifle for PVE players. For PVP players, the main drawback will likely be its scope magnification and the lack of perks that really shine in Crucible. In saying this, it’s one worth chasing.

Praedyth’s Revenge god roll for PVE

destiny 2 praedyth's revenge god roll
Praedyth's Revenge has a few perks that make it not a bad option for PVE.

A god roll Praedyth’s Revenge for PVE will actually make it a rather competitive option for those looking for raw DPS. If you can rein in the recoil, and keep the bullets coming, you can really deal a significant amount of damage to bosses.

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake (Handling +10, Recoil +30)
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag (Stability +5, Reload Speed +10, Magazine +10)
  • Perk 1: Rewind Rounds
  • Perk 2: High-Impact Reserves

Arrowhead Brake and Tactical Mag work together to bring that Recoil and Stability in tight so you can take advantage of the large magazine size.

Rewind Rounds, though not great on a weapon like Found Verdict, can actually be quite beneficial on something like Praedyth’s Revenge. It can automatically fill part of your ammo once you finish a magazine, which makes it feel a bit similar to Whisper of the Worm.

To take advantage of the continual supply of bullets, High-Impact Reserves ensures the lower half of your magazine deals more damage. Rewind Rounds doesn’t seem to completely fill your mag, which means this perk will be active for more bullets and for longer.

If you’re not a fan of this setup for PVE, Praedyth’s Revenge can also roll with Feeding Frenzy and Firefly, which makes it basically exactly how it was in the original Destiny. Ultimately, there are some great perks here for a PVE roll that matches your playstyle.

Praedyth’s Revenge god roll for PVP

destiny 2 praedyth's revenge
The Curated Roll for Praedyth's Revenge is fine, but it's not great.

Unfortunately, the scope on Praedyth’s Revenge makes it a bit unwieldy to use in Crucible. This is further compounded by the fact it can’t roll with Snapshot Sights. However, it can roll with No Distractions, Quickdraw, and Moving Target. Let’s take a look at what you might want for a PVP god roll.

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake (Handling +10, Recoil +30)
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag (Stability +5, Reload Speed +10, Magazine +10)
  • Perk 1: Quickdraw
  • Perk 2: Opening Shot

Arrowhead Brake will help get that recoil under control while also helping with that Handling stat. An alternative would be Fluted Barrel for the Stability and Handling boost. To make it a bit easier to handle, consider slapping in a targeting mod. This will help those who struggle to land a precision hit actually find their target.

For the Magazine, Tactical Mag nets you a wealth of benefits. The increase to Stability, Reload Speed, and Magazine means you’ll be able to keep the kick under control and get back to shooting faster. If you don’t mind taking a hit to Range, Steady Rounds will actually boost your Stability a significant amount.

For the two perks, Quickdraw will ensure you can switch to it faster while Opening Shot will help you land that first shot. These are likely the best of the bunch and even then they’re not great. It might be worth sticking to your preferred Crucible sniper.

Praedyth’s Revenge is a pretty vicious Sniper Rifle in PVE, provided you can get a god roll. Even then, it has some perks that make it just a fun weapon to use. Crucible players might be a bit disappointed with the perk pool, so set those expectations. Make sure to stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more Vault of Glass weapon recommendations.

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