How to get the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst - Destiny 2

The location of each Nightmare in Duality needed to unlock the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst in Destiny 2.


Once Heartshadow drops from Duality, the next task for Destiny 2 players is unlocking its Exotic catalyst. Like some of the other endgame Exotic weapons, the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst must be unlocked by replaying the same activity the sword drops from, but this time with an added task. Take the time to defeat three unique Nightmares and deposit the Standard Essences and the upgrade will be yours.

Heartshadow Exotic catalyst

To unlock the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst, players must find and defeat three Nightmares in the Duality dungeon. When they die, a Standard Essence will appear where they first spawned. Take this Standard Essence to a specific spot within the dungeon and dunk it. A chest containing the Exotic catalyst will spawn near the final plate.

A couple of things to note before starting: entering the Nightmare realm while holding a Standard Essence will cause the Nightmare Collapsing timer to appear. This timer resets whenever you return to the normal realm. If you die while holding the Essence, the Nightmare boss will only respawn if you wipe.

First Standard Essence – Nightmare of Na’nok, Failed Assassin

Image shows the location of the first Nightmare for Heartshadow Exotic catalyst
Look for the open door at the top of the room. The deposit point is behind the bell toward the next area.

The first Nightmare is at the top of the first room you enter in the Duality dungeon. Work your way to the top to the point you’re in the Nightmare realm and out on the rafters. Facing the direction of travel, there will be an open room below the right-hand rand rafter. Go inside, defeat the Nightmare, grab the Standard Essence and jump back up to the rafters.

Image shows where to deposit the first Standard in Duality

For those that are not on a Hunter or do not have the vertical leap, you may need to drop back down and use the bells to get back up. The place to deposit this Nightmare Essence is behind the bell at the top of the room.

Second Standard Essence – Nightmare of Regor, Failed Assassin

Image shows the second Failed Assassin that must be defeated for the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst
Enter the mausoleum and look across the gap to see the Nightmare.

The second Nightmare is in the mausoleum section of the dungeon. When you enter, look across the chasm to see the enemy standing out on a platform. Get across to it, defeat it, and take the Standard Essence. Work your way to the statue puzzle room.

Image shows where to deposit the second Standard Essence in Duality for the Exotic catalyst

To dunk this Standard Essence, go into the Nightmare realm in the statue room. The dunk spot is on one of the outcroppings overlooking the central bell.

Third Standard Essence – Nightmare of Hou’dal, Failed Assassin

The third and final Nightmare that drops a Standard Essence for the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst
Far above the block covered in a white sheet is the last Nightmare.

The third and final Nightmare is in the room with the big block covered in a white sheet. Work your way to the top of the room in the Nightmare realm and look to the side of the rafters to spot the enemy (this is where one of Calus’s Repressed Memories is found for the Mind Heist Triumph). Jump down, defeat him, grab the Essence and use the small platforms on the sides of the beams to get back onto the rafters.

The final dunk location for the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst, above the block covered in a white sheet

Continue through this area until you can switch back to the normal realm. The dunk spot is on a little platform between the rafters. When you put the last Standard Essence in, a chest will spawn against the wall, and you will receive the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst.

Heartshadow Exotic catalyst perk

The Heartshadow Exotic catalyst showing the new perk, Wraithwalk

With the Exotic catalyst unlocked, you’ll now need to charge it up. Use the Shuro Chi checkpoint to get this done quickly and efficiently. Once powered up, slot it into Heartshadow, and enjoy it’s unique perk, Wraithwalk: Faster movement while invisible. Basically, whenever you go invisible using the Sword’s powered attack, you’ll move a bit faster.

With the Heartshadow Exotic catalyst unlocked, you’ll have a slightly better Exotic Sword. Check out our guide on all Exotic catalysts so you can grab them all and power up your favorite Exotic. Swing by our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more Exotic weapon guides.

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