All Mind Heist Calus Repressed Memories in Duality - Destiny 2

The location of all the Repressed Memories in Duality dungeon in Destiny 2 for the Mind Heist Triumph.


There are 12 Repressed Memories to collect in the Duality dungeon in Destiny 2. These collectibles are Calus’ own memories and are scattered throughout the activity in both the normal and nightmare realms. Collecting them will unlock the Mind Heist Triumph, which increases the Heartshadow drop rate.

Calus’ Repressed Memories – Mind Heist Triumph

The Repressed Memories look like shattered containers. Though it’s possible to find them naturally, most are hidden in out of the way locations that can be easy to miss. Make sure you check out our Duality dungeon guide for a walkthrough of each encounter if you’re struggling with any part. As mentioned above, collecting all the Repressed Memories unlocks the Mind Heist Triumph which will increase your chances of getting Heartshadow, the only Exotic that’s in Duality’s loot table.

Repressed Memory 1

Image of the Repressed Memory 1 in Duality Destiny 2
At the top of the first room, in the open door.

The first Repressed Memory collectible is at the top of the first large room. Make your way to the top and then face the bell at the bottom. There will be an open door on the right-hand side of the room, inside is the collectible.

Repressed Memory 2

Image of the Repressed Memory 2 in Duality Destiny 2
The same room as before, this time in the Nightmare realm.

This Repressed Memory is in the exact same spot as the previous one, but in the Nightmare realm. After you flip into the Nightmare, look to the right while facing the bell and enter the open room on the side.

Repressed Memory 3

Image shows the Repressed Memory #3 location in Duality in Destiny 2
You can drop down to this Repressed Memory.
Image shows side angle of how to reach the Repressed Memory #3 in Duality in Destiny 2

Another Repressed Memory is in the Nightmare realm, shortly after the second collectible. After dropping down through the internal wall and exiting into the Nightmare, look left to see the ship breaking apart into the abyss. Look behind the pillars to find the container on a platform.

Repressed Memory 4

Image shows the Repressed Memory #4 location in Duality in Destiny 2
Before Gahlran fight, on top of the semi-circular structure.

A Repressed Memory is before the Nightmare of Gahlran fight, in the opulent room with the chandelier, curtains, and braziers. The container is up on the roof. Use the door frames to reach the top of the structure.

Repressed Memory 5

image shows the War Beast doorway in the Gahlran fight for the Repressed Memory #4
After defeating Gahlran, check the War Beast room.

This one is in the War Beast room during the Nightmare of Gahlran fight. You can collect it during the fight or after it’s finished. If you want to get it after the fight, remember not to drop down the hole.

Repressed Memory 6

Image shows the tomb room with Repressed Memory #6 circled
This collectible is to the left along the wall. This can only be reached by activating the second lever.

Find this Repressed Memory in the room with the tombs on the walls that you climb across. When you first enter, look across the chasm and to the left – there is a hole in the wall up high. To reach this spot, activate the second lever, cross the room, and go left instead of right to the exit.

Repressed Memory 7

Image of the chasm before statue room with arrow pointing down to Repressed Memory 7
Drop down instead of jumping across to find a hole in the wall.

Another Repressed Memory is in the slim chasm room right before the spinning statue section. Instead of jumping across the gap to the perpendicular catwalk, drop down below to find a hole in the wall.

Repressed Memory 8

Image of Repressed Memory 8 in Nightmare version of statue room
Behind a pillar in the Nightmare version of the statue room.

A Repressed Memory is in the Nightmare version of the rotating statue room. Look behind the large pillar to find the container. The correct pillar is actually the one where you find the bonus chest in the normal version of the room.

Repressed Memory 9

Shows close up of Repressed Memory 9 in The Vault encounter
At the top of the Vault encounter, on top of a tomb.

This Repressed Memory of Calus’ is in the Vault encounter room. When facing the stairs that lead up to the bell, look up and to the left – the collectible is on top of the tomb.

Repressed Memory 10

Image of block covered in white cloth with arrow pointing to Repressed Memory 10
Look under the central block for the Calus memory.

Another one of Calus’ Mind Heist memories is in the room with the huge block covered in white cloth. Go below the block to find the memory. There is also a bonus chest here.

Repressed Memory 11

Image of Repressed Memory 11 location in the Nightmare realm
Above the block, in the Nightmare realm, is an open door.

This Repressed Memory is in the same room as the block, but in the Nightmare version. Work your way to the top of the room to find a large open door leading down a hallway. Jump over to it to find the container. You can get back on to the correct path by using little platforms on the pillars.

Repressed Memory 12

Image of Repressed Memory 12 above doorway to Caiatl fight
Above the doorway to Caiatl is the final Calus memory.

The final Repressed Memory is above the boss door to Nightmare of Empress Caiatl. Use the platforms to the right of the door to reach it or jump from the slanted platform.

Once you find all 12 of Calus’ Repressed Memories, remember to claim the Mind Heist Triumph. Claim it before you beat Caiatl so you increase your chances of getting the Exotic sword. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more walkthroughs for other endgame content and locations of collectibles.

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