How to do finisher moves in Destiny 2

Learn how to perform Destiny 2's newest attack, the powerful finisher move.


Knowing how to do a finisher move in Destiny 2 is critical if you want to look extra stylish. Added in Shadowkeep, finishers are a powerful move that can instantly kill an enemy, provided the prerequisites have been met to perform one. Any player that wants to add some extra flourish to their killings would do well to learn how to perform one of these moves.

How to do Finisher moves

A finisher move in Destiny 2 can only be performed on a low-health enemy. This means, in order to actually do a finisher move, you will need to deal damage to an enemy, whittling their health down really low.

Destiny 2 finisher moves
Look out for the orb icons above an enemy's head - this means you can do a finisher move on them!

Once an enemy’s health is low enough, a special icon will appear above their head. This icon tells you that you can perform a finisher. Get close to the enemy, and then press the appropriate button depending on your platform:

  • PC/Steam: Q key
  • Xbox One/PlayStation 4: Click right thumbstick

If done correctly, you should see your Guardian in third-person perform a specialized takedown specific to your class. This can be performed as many times as you want, as quickly as possible. A bunch of low-health Thrall or Acolytes around? Chain together a bunch of finisher moves.

At the moment, it’s not exactly clear whether there is an advantage to performing a finisher move. It appears as if you don’t gain any additional super, and your character may not be invulnerable when performing one, so be careful. In saying this, it’s definitely really cool to palm-slap an Ogre to death.

Performing a finisher move in Destiny 2 is incredibly easy. Get an enemy’s health down low enough, look out for the orb icon above their head, and press the finisher button to instantly kill them in a stylish manner. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more Shadowkeep content and walkthroughs!

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