Where to find discarded and abandoned quests - Destiny 2

The new Quest Archive kiosk allows players to start discarded and abandoned quests in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 features a new mechanic that lets players find and reacquire discarded or abandoned quests. This allows players to complete any campaign missions, weapon quests, and others tasks that they may have accidentally dismantled or abandoned. What's more, it also stores any old quests as well as some new ones that you might have missed.

How to restart abandoned quests

The release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light on November 10, 2020, also saw a new kiosk introduced to the Tower: the Quest Archive. This little machine lets players restart or find abandoned quests in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 quest archive kiosk abandoned quests
The Quest Archive is where you will find old or abandoned quests in Destiny 2.

To locate the Quest Archive, first navigate to the Tower in the Director. Load in at the main spawn point, the Courtyard. As you arrive, go left towards the Postmaster and Eververse, but instead of going directly to the Postmaster, look in the little corner at the base of the steps. This is the Quest Archive.

destiny 2 quest archive
The Quest Archive is right by the Postmaster.

The little kiosk can be rather easy to miss, as it’s tucked away in a rather unassuming spot. However, it is vital to know where to find it as it holds a lot of the old quests, including any new ones you’ve abandoned or discarded.

For those veteran players that have been playing since the launch of Destiny 2 or earlier, Beyond Light also saw the release of a new on-boarding mission for new players as part of the New Light experience. This new mission is rather fittingly called, A Guardian Rises. It’s here where you can pick up this new player quest, even if you’re a veteran Guardian.

The Quest Archive is a new addition that will help players find any abandoned quests. If there was a quest you discarded in the past, or one you accidentally got rid of recently, it’s here that you’ll find it. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for an extensive collection of material to help you fight back against the Darkness.

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