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Techeun Force gets a new set of perks elevating it to elite Fusion Rifle status.


Last Wish has had a full weapons refresh with the launch of Season of the Deep. Techeun Force the most notable of the bunch as it now becomes arguably the best Fusion Rifle on Destiny 2. With the ability to craft and gain enhanced perks, Techeun Force is the standout weapon this season and a must-have for your arsenal.

Techeun Force is an Arc energy, Adaptive Frame, 660 RPM which has landed hot this season and will only see its usage increase as more guardians get their hands on the god roll for PvE and PvP.

How to get Techeun Force

Techeun Force can drop from regular runs from the Last Wish raid during any encounter, or if you wait for it when Last Wish is the weekly featured raid, you can farm the first encounter against Kalli in less than 5 minutes for a chance at the drop. Due to the speed you and a Fireteam can get this down to, it is easily the most efficient way.

It also has a chance to drop from the two secret chests if you go through the full raid, or you can use the Wall of Wishes to get your hands on both secret chests without ever completing an encounter.

Hawthorne in the Tower is now holding a weekly quest that when you complete a full run of Last Wish it allows you to choose Techeun Force as a reward upon completion from the vendor. This will also be a red border version to add to your crafting progress.

Last Wish is included in Destiny 2’s weekly raid rotation schedule, allowing you to prepare for the next time it rolls around.

PvE - Techeun Force god roll

The combinations that can be made on Techeun Force provide great build variety and power. This perk set ensures you get the most out of this Fusion Rifle in PVE.

Techeun Force - PVE
Barrel Arrowhead Brake (Recoil +30, Handling +10)
Battery Ionized Battery (Magazine +2, Reload Speed -20)
Perk 1 Rewind Rounds (Upon emptying the magazine: refills 60 percent of the number of hits landed into the magazine from reserves. Always rounds up.)
Perk 2 Controlled Burst (Upon scoring a hit with every bolt in the burst: grants 20 percent increased damage and 10 percent decreased Charge Time for two seconds.)
Origin Trait Explosive Pact (This weapon gains bonus stability and reload speed when activating a grenade ability. Healing grenades and grenade final blows grant additional stacks of the bonus)
Masterwork Range or Stability +10
Mod Major or Boss Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

With this god roll all about landing the full burst of your fusion bolts, Arrowhead Brake comes in as the top choice with its recoil control helping each burst stay consistent. Ionized Battery grants two extra shots to the magazine which is an excellent combination to have with Rewind Rounds and Controlled Burst.

A Techeun Force god roll for PVE shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

Techeun Force is the first Fusion Rifle to have Rewind Rounds in its perk pool and it is a top-tier perk to roll on this weapon. Each hit counts towards Rewind Rounds meaning it does not have to be every bolt to get it to work. This means that if you consistently hit enemies, you can empty your Magazine and reserves without reloading this weapon. Round this off with Controlled Burst if you’re hitting chunkier enemies to increase the damage and decrease Charge Time. This effectively refills the magazine and consistently applies these buffs.

I want to give an honorable  mention to Golden Tricorn here, which can roll over Controlled Burst if you want to set Techeun Force up to be a pure mob clearing machine.

PvP - Techeun Force god roll

Like its cousin, Imperative Loop, Techeun Force can be a formidable beast in the Crucible and catch opponents completely off guard with its Range potential.

Techeun Force - PVP
Barrel Hammer-Forged Rifling (Range +10)
Battery Projection Fuse (Range +10)
Perk 1 Under Pressure (Grants linearly increasing bonuses as the magazine drops from 50 percent capacity to empty: 25 percent to 50 percent decreased accuracy cone size. Decreased accuracy cone growth. Up to Stability +30)
Perk 2 Rangefinder (While aiming down sights (ADS): 10 percent increased zoom and 5 percent faster projectile speed)
Origin Trait Explosive Pact (This weapon gains bonus stability and reload speed when activating a grenade ability. Healing grenades and grenade final blows grant additional stacks of the bonus)
Masterwork Range or Stability +10
Mod Targeting Adjustor (Aim Assist +5)

The best way to load up a Fusion for PvP is to ensure we push the Range stat to its limits. Hammer-Forged Rifling becomes the easy pick here with no trade off and a big bonus to Range. Follow this up with Projection Fuse to increase that Range further. This opens us up to a more consistent and accurate burst when dueling at Range.

A Techeun Force god roll for PVP shown on D2Foundry

Source: D2Foundry

When starting a PvP match you never have maximum ammo for Special weapons so Under Pressure immediately receives its bonuses from respawn. This is a huge bonus to Stability, providing a great advantage as soon as you go looking for your Techeun’s first victim. Rangefinder enhances the speed of your fusion bolts while ADS, wrapping a deadly bow on this Techeun Force.

With the ability to craft and enhance perks, make sure you get Techeun Force leveled up to give the biggest advantages when running it in PvP.

Techeun Force is a top tier weapon refreshed for a top tier raid in Last Wish. Challenging the Fusion Rifle meta, this one is not to be missed when it's up to farm. For more Season of the Deep information and weapon guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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