Everything leaving Destiny 2 with The Final Shape

Every quest, Exotic weapons and mission, consumable, and more leaving Destiny 2 when The Final Shape arrives on June 4, 2024.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape is launching on June 4, 2024, and though players can always expect more content, a lot of stuff will be leaving the game – as is tradition. Most of the stuff that’s going is seasonal content, but that’s a broad and sweeping statement. Below you’ll find details explaining everything leaving Destiny 2 when The Final Shape launches. Use this information to prioritize your in-game time.

As always, it’s important to note that nothing you’ve unlocked (like Exotics, cosmetics, etc) will be removed from your possession. You keep things you’ve earned. The thing that is leaving is the means to unlock them. For example, you will keep Wish-Keeper but the quest to unlock it will be gone.

Use all of this information to help you map out your gameplay over the next few months. This is especially useful if you’re preparing for The Final Shape and trying to get raid ready. Note that a lot of this information is based on what has happened previously and is subject to change should Bungie decide to keep some or remove others. I'll be sure to keep this updated in the lead up to The Final Shape. 

Legendary Shards will be gone when The Final Shape launches!

Everything leaving Destiny 2 with The Final Shape

Three Guardians stand proudly on a hill

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To give you a general idea of what’s leaving, any Seasonal quests, activities, and vendors related to seasons that launched in the Lightfall year will be gone when The Final Shape arrives on June 4, 2024. This means the H.E.L.M. will be reset to its blank state, engrams stored at vendors will be gone, and ways of unlocking seasonal weapons and armor will be removed.

Check out our Destiny 2 Seasons list to find out what seasons belong to Lightfall. You’ll also find information regarding the next seasonal content coming with The Final Shape, which will be called Episodes (though we’re still likely going to call them seasons).

While the seasons relating to Lightfall are leaving, Lightfall itself is staying, along with anything specific to its release. For instance, Neomuna is staying, along with activities on Neomuna, Nimbus, all the Neptune-specific weapons and armor, and more.

Exotics & Catalysts

Wicked Implement

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The launch of The Final Shape will see only a few Exotic weapons and their Catalysts being removed. As mentioned above, you will not lose them from your Collections. The things that are leaving are the missions to acquire them. The good news is that they will likely be added to the Exotic Mission Rotator at some point, so players that missed them during Lightfall can unlock them in the future.

Exotic weapon & Catalysts
Name How to acquire
Vexcalibur Vexcalibur is awarded for completing the NODE.OVRD.AVALON Exotic quest. The Catalysts are awarded for completing it on Legend.
Wicked Implement Wicked Implement is earned by completing the Exotic mission hidden in Deep Dives. The Catalyst is from a Tier 7 Deep Dive.
Wish-Keeper Wish-Keeper is awarded from the Exotic mission, Starcrossed. The Exotic Catalyst comes from the four Constellation quests.

Exotic Ships, Sparrows, and Ghosts

Several cosmetic rewards, all of which are Exotic, are leaving when The Final Shape launches. All of these are rewards for completing various Triumphs related to seasonal content.

Exotic Ships, Sparrows & Ghosts
Name How to acquire
Wyrmguard Shell Familiar Felines Triumph
To Be Remembered Sparrow Weekly Wetwork Triumph
Akashic Revelation Ship Season of the Deep Vendor Reputation
Canopus Shell Into the Depths questline
Siochain's Scuba Shell Aquariam Vivarium Triumph
Common Nobility Sparrow Legendary Trifecta Triumph
Brazen Spark Ship We Stand Unbroken questline
Tech Witch Shell War Table Vendor Reputation
Scribetrace Shell Firmware Update Triumph
Gloaming Journeyer Sparrow Season of the Wish Vendor Reputation
Unforseen Consequences Season of the Wish reward
Laminos Sparrow Sister and Swords Triumph
Sparagmos Ship Resplendent Ritual Triumph
Pharmakos Shell Spire of Legends Triumph

Weapons & Armor

Supercluster Shotgun

Source: Shacknews

Any weapon that is available from a seasonal vendor will be leaving on June 4, 2024. There’s no telling whether these will become immediately available via some other means (like the aforementioned Exotic Mission Rotator). If you want to craft your own god rolls, you will need to unlock all of the necessary patterns before The Final Shape arrives.

Season of Defiance Season of the Deep Season of the Witch Season of the Wish
Raconteur (Combat Bow) Targeted Redaction (Hand Cannon) Brya's Love (Scout Rifle) Supercluster (Shotgun)
Royal Executioner (Fusion Rifle) Rapacious Appetite (Submachine Gun) The Eremite (Fusion Rifle) Scatter Signal (Fusion Rifle)
Perpetualis (Auto Rifle) Different Times (Pulse Rifle) Kept Confidence (Hand Cannon) Appetence (Trace Rifle)
Prodigal Return (Grenade Launcher) Until Its Return (Shotgun) Semiotician (Rocket Launcher) Lethophobia (Bow)
Regnant (Grenade Launcher) A Distant Pull (Sniper Rifle) Locus Locutus (Sniper Rifle) Scalar Potential (Pulse Riflt)
Caretaker (Sword) Thin Precipice (Sword) Eleatic Principle (Machine Gun) Doomed Petitioner (Linear Fusion Rifle)
Spare Rations (Hand Cannon) Imperative (Scout Rifle)
Bug-Out Bag (Submachine Gun) Subjunctive (Submachine Gun)
Outlast (Pulse Rifle) Adhortative (Pulse Rifle)
Last Mand Standing (Shotgun) Optative (Hand Cannon)
Sole Survivor (Sniper Rifle)
Just In Case (Sword)

Additionally, any and all seasonal armor will become unavailable at the end of Season of the Wish. Make sure you unlock everything you want before then.

Triumphs & Titles

All the Triumphs for each season will be gone when The Final Shape arrives. You’ll need to complete only a handful of them for the Title. However, players that want to increase their Triumph score will need to complete more. Here are the Triumphs you need for the seasonal Titles:


Seasonal vendors will be going away once The Final Shape arrives. These vendors are responsible for giving you access to the seasonal weapons, armor, and various rewards for leveling them up to Rank16. Be sure to visit each one, decode the engrams, and maybe even focus them into weapons so you can get your patterns.

  • War Table – Season of Defiance vendor
  • Sonar Station (Aquatic Operations) – Season of the Deep vendor
  • Ritual Table (Lectern of Divination) – Season of the Witch vendor
  • Spirit of Riven – Season of the Wish vendor


While there aren’t as many destinations leaving as there were when Beyond Light arrived, there are a couple of places that will be going. All of these are sections found either through the H.E.L.M. or in the Cosmodrome.

  • The Plunge, Dive Tank
  • Athenaeum
  • Spirit’s Anchor
  • The Farm


Each season brings with it a handful of new activities. While most of these will be leaving, there’s always a chance some will return later or be absorbed into other playlists.

  • Defiant Battlegrounds (might be interwoven into the Vanguard Ops)
  • Legend Defiant Battlegrounds
  • Ovrd.AVALON
  • Salvage
  • Deep Dives
  • Savathun’s Spire
  • Altars of Summoning
  • The Imbaru Engine
  • Riven’s Lair
  • The Coil
  • Starcrossed
  • Fishing spots

All Seasonal consumables & currencies

The Legendary Shard icon
Say goodbye to Legendary Shards. Use them before they're gone!
Source: Bungie

This is a big one. While a lot of these consumables and currencies don’t really matter, Legendary Shards are one of the currencies that will no longer be available. Anyone out there with thousands of shards will need to check out our guide on what to do with Legendary Shards so you don’t miss out on exchanging them for something useful.

  • Legendary Shards
  • War Table engrams
  • Sonar Station engrams
  • Ritual Table engrams
  • Spirit of Riven engrams
  • Defiant Key
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Deep Dive Key
  • Salvage Key
  • Witch’s Key
  • Feeble Offering
  • Robust Offering
  • Powerful Offering
  • Lair Key

Guardian Ranks reset

When The Final Shape arrives, your Guardian Rank will be reset down to the lowest level you acquired by the end of Season of the Wish. This means if you want to go into a new year of Destiny 2 with the highest number possible, you will need to complete all tasks related to acquiring Guardian Rank 11.

While there is a lot of stuff leaving Destiny 2 when The Final Shape gets here, a lot of it will be available to earn through some other means. Additionally, Bungie may opt to shift some activities into other playlists, like Defiant Battlegrounds into Vanguard Ops. Be sure to check back in as the release date for The Final Shape draws closers. I’ll be updating this guide right up until the launch day to ensure it is an exhaustive list of all things being removed. As always, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for coverage of the latest season and The Final Shape.

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