How to unlock Wish-Keeper & Starcrossed Exotic mission guide - Destiny 2

Complete the Starcrossed Exotic mission in Destiny 2 to unlock the Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow.


Starcrossed is a new Exotic mission in Destiny 2 that rewards the Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow. As far as Exotic missions go, this one is rather short and straightforward, similar in length to Vox Obscura. There is only one main mechanic in the mission and it involves juggling buffs that allow you to either defeat enemies or pass safely through areas.

Starcrossed Exotic mission

The mission starts off with you in a similar area to the tree section in the Garden of Salvation raid. The goal is to jump along the branches and shoot the buds to make platforms in order to reach the other side of the chasm.

Once outside, fight your way through the Taken until you reach the end where a Phalanx will spawn and two symbols will appear. Stand in the nearby pool of light, referred to as a “spark”, to get Sire’s Obligation, a buff that lets you damage the special Phalanx. Defeat it to remove the symbol and clear the way.

Three symbols above the exit with one symbol duplicated on the left side

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In the next area, head to the far side and take note of the three symbols by the exit. You must remove the symbols in the correct order, starting at the top and ending at the bottom. Locate the spark and enter it to get a buff. Locate the top symbol in the area and defeat the Phalanx near it. This will remove the top lock. Find the next symbol (what would be the middle one) and defeat the Phalanx. Repeat this for the final symbol. You will need to refresh the buff each time. Killing the Phalanx in the wrong order will reset the lock.

Continue onwards, using Dam’s Gift (the orange pool of light) to survive in any area past an orange barrier. While you can pass through the barriers without the buff, the area will slowly damage you if you don’t have the buff.

In this next area, you must find and interact with three terminals that are protected by a Vex shield. Defeat the nearby Wyvern to lower the shield. You’ll need to use Dam’s Gift to survive the orange mist. If you lose the buff before killing the Wyverns, run out, refresh the buff, and go back in. When all three terminals are cleared, exit to the main area and defeat waves of Vex that concludes with a Vex Gate Lord. When it is defeated, pass through the portal.

This next section requires you to defeat the shielded Phalanx enemies that are inside the orange areas. Grab the Sire’s Obligation and Dam’s Gift buffs to turn it into Crowned by Dragons. This buff lets you pass safely into the orange sections and deal damage to the Phalanx.

As with the first encounter, you must defeat the enemies in the correct order. It should be the right-side first, then the middle, and then the left. Grab the buffs and note the order of the three symbols by the exit. When all three Phalanx are dead, you can drop down into the boss arena.

Akardon, Pitiless Mind

The entrance to the boss fight agains Akardon

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The fight against Akardon, Pitiless Mind is an easy one. Just grab both buffs before passing through the barrier to get Crowned by Dragons, this lets you stay alive in the arena. If it runs low, go to the left or right of the arena to find a spark that lets you refresh the buff. Deal damage to the boss by any means necessary and clear the Vex enemies when you need to. Keep an eye on the Goblins as they’ll shield the boss, making it invulnerable.

When the boss is defeated, approach the egg and the chest to receive Wish-Keeper, an Exotic Bow. At this point, you can either continue on through the Season of the Wish campaign or work toward unlocking the various Catalysts for this craftable Exotic. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help with the latest season and preparing for The Final Shape.

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