Season of the Witch Triumphs for Haruspex Title - Destiny 2

Unlock the Haruspex Title by completing the Season of the Witch Triumphs in Destiny 2.


Another season in Destiny 2, another Title for players to earn. The Season of the Witch Title is Haruspex, and there are only 10 Triumphs needed to claim this gutsy reward. For most players, this will be an easy one to unlock, with the main limiting factor being time.

Haruspex Title – Season of the Witch Triumphs

Season of the Witch Triumphs for Haruspex Title

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Players must unlock 10 specific Triumphs during Season of the Witch to earn the Haruspex Title. It will take at least seven weeks from the launch of Season 22 to complete the Title, as players must complete the entire questline. But beyond that, most of these can be knocked out much faster.

  • The Bladed Path – Complete every week in The Bladed Path quest line.
  • Cartomancer – Complete all Major Arcana quests from the Lectern of Divination.
  • Arcane Collector – Identify Minor Arcana at the Lectern of Divination.
  • Resplendent Ritual – Reset your rank with the Ritual Table vendor.
  • Might and Magic – Defeat all bosses in Savathun’s Spire.
  • Mirror, Mirror – Solve the mystery of the Hive rune labyrinth in Savathun’s Spire.
  • Uncovered Truths – Find weekly hidden chests within Savathun’s Spire.
  • Tithebringer – Complete Altars of Summoning encounters. Earn bonus progress by completing more difficulty encounters.
  • Drawn Blades – Defeat targets with weapons from Season of the Witch (Eleactic Principle, Kept Confidence, Brya’s Love, The Eremite, Semiotician, and Locus Locutus) or the Red War era (The Showrunner, Deadpan Delivery, Persuader, and Nightshade).
  • May You Never Cease – Complete the tests in the Imbaru Engine.

The only Triumph that could pose additional challenge will be the last one, May You Never Cease, which is currently labelled as a secret Triumph in-game. We’ll be certain to keep you posted on what this actually involves once it becomes available.

As for what Haruspex means, a quick search reveals it harkens back to ancient Rome and is used to describe a person that practices a type of divination that uses animal guts – like livers. It’s fitting, then, that players get to use this Title given Season of the Witch is all about us sacrificing Hive and giving them to Eris as part of her magic ritual.

Now that you’re on your way to unlocking the Haruspex Title in Season of the Witch, take some time to check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide. This thing will have all the guides you need for Season 22 and beyond.

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