Secret chests in Savathun's Spire - Destiny 2

The Uncovered Truths Triumph requires players find all secret chests in Savathun's Spire during Season of the Witch in Destiny 2.


Savathun’s Spire is a new activity introduced with Season of the Witch and it is packed full of secrets for players to uncover. Each week, players will be able to unlock secret chests to earn bonus rewards and finding them all is needed for the Uncovered Truths Triumph.

Savathun’s Spire secret chests – Uncovered Truths

As part of the Season of the Witch Triumphs for the Haruspex Title, players will need to complete the Triumph, Uncovered Truths. This has players finding chests in the Savathun’s Spire activity each week. Check back with us weekly as we document the location of each chest. The Triumph, Uncovered Truths, also has four classified Triumphs which may or may not be chests.

Secrets of the Spire 1

A symbol for the Secrets of the Spire 1 chest
The rune that's circled is above the door that unlocks, revealing the cest.
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The first chest in Savathun’s Spire is after the first encounter and is located in the jumping puzzle where you must jump on the statues of Hive holding dishes. To unlock the chest, shoot the Hive runes with an elemental weapon that matches the rune color.

Two Hive symbols circled for the secret chest
The first rune you'll spot is on the right of the image.
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The first rune is right before the dishes and should be Void. The second rune is also Void and is above the door with the Hive barrier. The last rune is Solar and is opposite the locked door, below the platform.

Secrets of the Spire 2

The four Hive symbols under the dishes for Secrets of the Spire 2 chest
Shoot the four Hive runes hanging from the platforms. The chest spawns where I'm standing in the picture.
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The second chest is after the second encounter and is in the jumping puzzle at the end of the Hive doorway puzzle. You’ll jump across four platforms to reach the boss room, but hanging from the platforms are four Hive symbols. As before, shoot them using an elemental type that matches them: there should be two Void, and two Solar. The chest spawns right after them.

Secrets of the Spire 3

Three lanterns swing from the ceiling over a gap, an arrow points off the right of the screen
Don't jump the gap. Turn right and enter the doorway.
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Secret chest 3 is located in the room with the three swinging lanterns. Instead of jumping across the gap, turn right to spot a door. Enter the hallway and the chest will spawn, but so will an invulnerable Hive Knight. The barrier on the exit will be removed after several seconds, so just survive until then.

Secrets of the Spire 4

The player stands looking at a tower across a gap

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An arrow points off the edge down to a Deepsight, arrows map a path around the corner

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The fourth secret chest is in the section with all the tall towers you must ascend using lifts in the Traverse the Labyrinth section. Instead of jumping across the very first gap, drop down to a lower ledge on the right to find a Deepsight node. Activate it to reveal platforms that lead around the corner to a chest.

Secrets of the Spire 5

Hive runes on a wall in Savathun's Spire

Source: Shacknews
An arrow points to where the secret chest is located

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The fifth chest is in the first jumping puzzle in the circular room with the swinging lanterns and the spikey beam. Look below you around the walls to spot a few Hive runes to shoot. The chest spawns through a doorway below the spikey beam that goes up and down.

Secrets of the Spire 6

Hive Arc runes are ignited on the wall of a tower

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An arrow points over the edge of the tower down to a lower level

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The sixth chest is during the doorway portal section. After you go through the portals and appear in the towers, don’t jump across the gap. Instead, drop down one level to find two runes in each tower. The chest will spawn beside a Hive trap and a portal will appear letting you get back to the fight.

With all the secret chests in Savathun’s Spire found, Uncovered Truths will unlock and you’ll be one step closer to getting the Haruspex Title. Take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more coverage of this season and endgame guides for raids and more.

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