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Discover all the effects of the Deck of Whispers cards for both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards in Season of the Witch in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2: Season of the Witch has introduced a unique deck building mechanic using Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards. These cards are unlocked throughout the season and are used to either enhance the player’s killing potential, adjust rewards from the Ritual Table, or even grant once-off prizes.

While players can get their hands on a few cards right now, users have already tapped into the Destiny 2 API to see what cards are coming next. A recent post on the Raid Secrets subreddit by 360GameTV has pointed out Destiny.Report’s database of information. The following information is courtesy of said resource. You might also want to take a look at our guide on getting Opague, Major, and Minor Arcana cards.

Major Arcana cards

A Major Arcana card highlighted on the Lectern of Divination

Source: Shacknews

Players can have five Major Arcana cards in their Deck of Whispers at once. During Savathun’s Spire and Ritual of Summoning, one card will be activated from the deck. Part of the fun is curating a deck that helps you and your allies clear the tougher difficulty levels.

Key Major Arcana cards Effect
I The Sisters Final blows have a chance to drop Special ammo.
II The Witch Increases damage with each final blow.
III The Adherent Rapidly defeating combatants has a chance to regenerate health and shields.
IV The Harbinger Final blows have a chance to create an explosion, damaging nearby enemies.
V Blades Rapidly defeating combatants has a chance to drop Heavy ammo.
VI Lacuna Dealing Void damage adds Suppression.
VII Liminal Dealing Arc damage adds Jolt.
VIII Ascension Dealing Solar damage adds Scorch.
IX Lament Rapidly defeating combatants reduces class ability cooldown.
X The Lie Final blows reduce melee cooldown.
XI The Truth Dealing damage reduces grenade cooldown.
XII Unknown card Pending…

Minor Arcana cards

The Minor Arcana cards are your traditional vendor upgrades from previous seasons. These include keys rewarding additional engrams, focusing weapons giving red borders, and others you’ve come to expect.

Minor Arcana cards Effect
Empowered Unlocking Using your Witch's Keys will award additional Witch's Engrams.
Keeper of the Keys There is a small chance that opening a Witch's Chest will reward a Witch's Key.
Empowered Rewards Using your Witch's Key to open Witch's Chest in Savathun's Spire on Legend difficulty will award an additional piece of armor and a Deepsight Resonant weapon.
Witch's Boon Altars of Summoning Using Witch's Keys to open Witch's Chests in the Altars of Summoning may now drop Red War weapons.
Empowered Spire Crystals Arc Extends the timer when activating Arc crystals in Season of the Witch activities. Activating an Arc crystal blinds and jolts nearby combatants.
Empowered Spire Crystals Solar Adds 1 stack of Restoration when carrying a Solar crystal in Season of the Witch activities.
Empowered Spire Crystals Void Allows Void crystals to be destroyed from a distance in Season of the Witch activities.
Whispers of Power 1 Allows you to re-draw a card from your active deck once per activity.
Whispers of Power 2 Allows an additional re-draw from your active deck per activity.
Witchcrafting x7 The next Season of the Witch weapon you focus at the Ritual Table will be Deepsight Resonant if possible.
Offering Shrine Reveals a shrine in the Altars of Summoning that allows you to manipulate your ritual Offerings.

Outside of the Major and Minor Arcana cards, there are also rewards associated with the Opaque cards. These are the rewards shown at the bottom of the Lectern of Divination.

  • Ascendant Shard
  • Enhancement Prism x2
  • Enhancement Core x2
  • Exotic Engram
  • Feeble Offering
  • Robust Offering
  • Powerful Offering
  • Witch’s Key x4
  • Witch’s Engram x5
  • Red War Engram x4

After you unlock all the Major Arcana cards, take some time to prepare your Deck of Whispers and learn what effects they offer. For more on Season of the Witch and other seasons, take a look at our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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