How to get the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst - Destiny 2

Take a dip into Deep Dive Tier 7 and swim away with the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst.


The Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst is now in the wild and Destiny 2 players are ready to grab it and charge it up. The only problem will be its unlock requirement: completing a Tier 7 Deep Dive. For those that do manage to unlock the catalyst, the Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle might become a far more appealing weapon in your Stasis builds.

How to get the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst

The Wicked Implement Catalyst dropping from a Tier 7 Deep Dive chest

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The Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst is unlocked by completing a Tier 7 Deep Dive during Season of the Deep. After the season ends, it’s likely this will still be available up until the release of the Final Shape expansion, at which point the Lightfall seasons will be removed. When the Final Shape is available, Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst might become available to earn from playlist activities.

In terms of unlocking it during Season of the Deep, players will need to successfully complete a Tier 7 Deep Dive. There are some reports that it drops from a Tier 5 clear, though the chances may be lower.

You will obviously also need to have the Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle unlocked. Make sure you do that before you proceed.

How to activate Tier 7 Deep Dive

In order to activate a Tier 7 Deep Dive, all players in a Fireteam must interact with the Toland orb in each arena and complete the Pressure Trials. This orb can spawn in a few places, so once you enter a new arena and start the encounter, quickly search for the glowing wisp.

Once the orb has been activated, a Pressure Trial will begin only after you clear the main objective. Players will need to successfully complete the Pressure Trial in order to advance the tiers. Pressure Trials typically involve defeating extremely tough enemies, defending positions, and clearing waves of foes all within a strict time limit.

The Deep Dive tier will continue to increase with the final boss being Tier 7. After defeating the boss, interact with the reward chests (clams) at the end and the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst will drop. Again, some players are reporting it drops from Tier 5, but that may not be a guaranteed drop like it is at Tier 7.

Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst perk

Inspecting Wicked Implement and highlighting its Exotic Catalyst

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The Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst synergizes extremely well with the gun’s base perks. The base perks generate Stasis shards that track to you and reload the weapon. The catalyst makes it so the shards will overflow the magazine.

  • Collecting Stasis shards gradually overflows the magazine.

What this ends up meaning is that you basically never have to manually reload the Scout Rifle. If there are enough enemies and you’re slowing enough foes, you’ll be collecting a heap of Stasis shards. This is quite a potent addition to many Stasis builds, including the Shadebinder Warlock.

With the Wicked Implement Exotic Catalyst unlocked, you’ll need to charge it up by getting 700 kills with it. This can be done in the Shuro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish raid. Once that’s done, read over our Exotic Catalysts guide for a look at every single catalyst in the game. For additional help, check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide.

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