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Trials of Osiris brings its first Glaive into the loot pool.


Trials of Osiris returns in Season of the Deep with a revamp to the mode and exciting new loot. This season, Trials brings with it the first ever Trials-themed Glaive. Unexpected Resurgence is an interesting Arc weapon with desirable perk combinations for PvP and PvE. This makes Unexpected Resugrence a new must-have for fans of the Glaive.

For Guardians who look to go flawless, Unexpected Resurgence has an adept version which will be obtainable when it becomes the featured weapon. 

How to get Unexpected Resurgence

An image showing the Trials of Osiris weapons for Season of the Deep in Destiny 2

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The non-Adept version of Unexpected Resurgence can be acquired from hitting level 16 on Saint 14’s reward track.

Unexpected Resurgance’s Adept version can only be obtained by going flawless when it is the weekly reward. You can visit our Trials map and reward guide to see which weapon is currently in rotation. 

Once the regular version is obtained, it can be focused in the Focused Decoding section using Trials engrams and some currency from Saint 14’s inventory. Adept versions can be focused using a Trials Engram and a successful Trials passage during the week it is featured and by winning games after going flawless using the same Trials passage. 

PvP - Unexpected Resurgence god roll

An image showering the desired perks for the Unexpected Resurgence PvP god roll in Destiny 2

Source: D2 Foundry
Unexpected Resurgence - PvP
Barrel Supercooled Accelerator (Range +10, Reload -5, Handling -5)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Tilting at Windmills (After blocking damage: 20 percent increase in movement speed for four seconds or until no longer blocking)
Perk 2 Unstoppable Force (After blocking damage: 20 percent increase projectile damage for four seconds or until no longer blocking)
Origin Trait One Quiet Moment (Increased reload speed when out of combat) or Alacrity if used in Trials of Osiris (When last Guardian standing or solo: Range +20, Stability +20, Reload Speed +50, and Aim Assist +10.)
Masterwork Shield Duration +10
Mod Quick Access Sling (Ready and stow this weapon faster)

Glaives don’t always see a lot of play in Trials or PvP in general so Unexpected Resurgence has come with perks and stats looking to tip the balance. Supercooled Accelerator starts off by increasing the Range stat which is key for a Glaive in PvP. Paired with Accurized Rounds, this gives a sharp increase to the high base stats and helps with burst fire option in its toolkit. 

Tilting at Windmills and Unstoppable Force are the best pairing here as both of these perks bounce off of each other to great effect. Blocking with this combo will both increase movement speed and damage, helping users of this Glaive to close the gap faster and get extra damage on their opponent if just out of melee range. 

There is a high skill ceiling with Glaives in PvP but with rolls like this one here, more people may be willing to take their chances with them. 

PvE - Unexpected Resurgence god roll

An image showing the desired perks for the Unexpected Resurgence PvE god roll in Destiny 2

Source: D2 Foundry
Unexpected Resurgence - PvE
Barrel Lightweight Emitter (Reload +10, Handling +5, Shield duration -10, Charge Time -10)
Magazine Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
Perk 1 Subsistence (Refills 10% of the Magazine from reserves on Weapon Kills.)
Perk 2 Frenzy (After being in combat for 12 seconds: 15 percent increased damage, Handling +100, and Reload +100.)
Origin Trait One Quiet Moment (Increased reload speed when out of combat) 
Masterwork Range +10
Mod Minor or Major Spec (7.7 percent damage increase)

Unexpected Resurgence is only the second Legendary Arc Glaive actively in game with the previous Glaive now unobtainable; this should raise demand significantly, especially with the potential within its perk combinations for PvE. 

For PvE, starting with Lightweight Emitter increases Handling making it snappier to switch to and with added Reload speed to quickly get this Glaive firing again. Accurized Rounds push the Range stat to help the Glaive’s projectile land effectively at longer distances which benefits the two perks. 

Subsistence and Frenzy are a top-tier combination with how they interact by increasing damage and then constantly refilling the Magazine on kills. This increases both the projectile and melee damage making light work of red bar mobs and providing solid damage to higher tier enemies. 

This makes Unexpected Resurgence a deadly prospect in mob heavy activities and could become a solid choice in Gambit and regular playlists throughout the season. It will get the most out of this season’s Champion Mods with Unstoppable Glaive making an appearance in Season of the Deep. 

Trials of Osiris’ first Glaive proves to be an interesting prospect for both PvP and PvE, and one well worth adding to your arsenal. For more Season of the Deep and weapon guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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