Fatebringer god roll - Destiny 2

Fatebringer has returned and thanks to Destiny 2's perk randomization, there are some god rolls to chase.


Fatebringer is back and Destiny 2 players are looking to get a god roll. While it might not have Outlaw, Destiny 2’s version of Fatebringer has a few appealing perks, with the Curated Roll being by far the most impressive. If you’ve got it in you to farm the drop locations, this one is absolutely worth grabbing.

Fatebringer god rolls

Fatebringer is a Hand Cannon that sits in the 140 RPM archetype. This makes it sit around the middle of the speed options available to Hand Cannons, with it matching the likes of Dire Promise and The Palindrome.

Compared to The Palindrome, Fatebringer offers better Handling and Reload Speed while it matches the Impact. It’s got a worse Range and Stability stat, but only slightly. For those that don’t like the model of The Palindrome, a god roll Fatebringer will be a great replacement.

Fatebringer god roll for PVE

destiny 2 fatebringer god roll

A god roll Fatebringer for PVE will focus on clearing adds and generally having a good time. In terms of god roll, the Curated Roll is actually excellent. It comes with:

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel (Stability +5, Handling +15)
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
  • Perk 1: Explosive Payload
  • Perk 2: Firefly

The Barrel and Magazine perk will ensure the Stability and Range stats are bumped up to feel more effective, while also improving the Handling stat. These ensure Fatebringer just feels good. If you can’t get these perks, Full Bore and Hammer-Forged Rifling are also great, as they will push out the Range stat. Tactical Mag is the other option for the Magazine, as this will increase the reload speed and give you more ammo.

As for the perks, Explosive Payload does a nice chunk of damage to surrounding enemies. This is useful in PVE and can also be quite good in PVP. An alternative would be Rewind Rounds for the seamless mag refill when it empties. You might also like Osmosis to make Fatebringer Arc, which will make it feel like the OG gun.

For the last column, Firefly is excellent. Coupled with Explosive Payload, there’s going to be lots of explosions happening. Another great choice is Frenzy or Kill Clip for their respective buffs to damage output.

Fatebringer god roll for PVP

destiny 2 fatebringer drop location
You can earn a Fatebringer from the Templar and Gatekeeper fights in the Vault of Glass.

For PVP, a Fatebringer god roll will look to focus on that Range and Stability stat. Keeping those nice and tight will ensure you can tap enemies from further away. To that end, here are some good perks:

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling (Range +10)
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds (Range +10)
  • Perk 1: Killing Wind
  • Perk 2: Kill Clip

Hammer-Forged Rifling and Accurized Rounds will increase the Range stat by 20 points, bringing it up to 70. This makes it able to compete at longer ranges, which is great if you’re trying to slip by a sniper in a lane.

For the perks, you won’t catch me not recommending Killing Wind – at least not anytime soon. Getting a kill will increase your mobility, handling, and weapon range for a short time. That 70 Range will jump up again, making you more deadly to those foes further away. Another option would be Explosive Payload for that juicy splash.

The last perk would do well to be Kill Clip thanks to the extra damage you receive after a kill and reload. It just makes you that much more dangerous to duel. A couple of alternatives would be Eye of the Storm and Opening Shot. Eye of the Storm may help you win a duel that you weren’t ready for while Opening Shot is always nice for that initial accuracy and range boost.

How to get Fatebringer

Fatebringer can only drop from two encounters in the Vault of Glass raid. It is available as a reward from the Templar and the Gatekeeper fights. For players with three characters, this means you have six chances a week at earning a Fatebringer.

Getting a Fatebringer requires a bit of luck, and even then, getting a god roll Fatebringer requires a whole lot of luck. However, if you can put in the effort to defeat the Templar and the Gatekeeper each week, you’ll eventually get one to enjoy. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more weapon god roll recommendations.

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