How to get more Strand Meditations - Destiny 2

Farm for Strand Meditations so you can unlock more of the new abilities in Destiny 2.


Strand, a new subclass and element type, has been introduced to Destiny 2 with Lightfall. Like the other subclasses, players will have plenty of Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades to utilize in combat. And, the same as before, players will need to unlock these tools by purchasing them. However, this time you will need something called Strand Meditations in order to unlock everything.

How to get more Strand Meditations

The Strand meditation spot in the Pouka Pond
Strand Meditations can best be earned by equipping Strand and getting kills.
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Strand Meditations can be earned by using Strand anywhere in the system – simply equip the Strand subclass and you’ll see them drop. You can hold a maximum of 1,500 Strand Meditations. Additional Strand Meditations can be earned by defeating targets and doing activities in the Vex Incursion Zone on Neomuna. Look for this area on your map while in Neomuna, it’s highlighted by what looks like digital rain and a turquoise and pink diamond.

A Lost sector chest rewarded Strand Meditations

Source: Shacknews

It’s also possible to earn Strand Meditations from the Partition: Hard Reset campaign mission, public events on Neomuna, and from opening Lost Sector chests. They appear as little green pyramids motes when they land on the ground. You’ll be earning between one and 12 Strand Meditations depending on what you do.

The best way to get this done quickly is to jump into a Fireteam and work together. Spread out and keep doing patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors. This will also be leveling up Nimbus, which will earn you 200 Strand Meditations a week for completing their challenge. You can see how many you have by looking in the Inventory screen in the Consumables section.

With enough Strand Meditations in hand, head to the Pouka Pond on Neomuna and pick up any of the Strand Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades that you want. You’ll need several hundred to unlock everything. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 strategy guide for our ongoing coverage of Lightfall, Season of Defiance, and everything else!

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