How to unlock Loadout slots - Destiny 2

Unlock more Loadout slots in Destiny 2 to save more sets of builds.


Destiny 2: Lightfall introduced Loadouts to Destiny 2. This system lets players save entire builds and switch between them on the fly. Initially, only six will be available, but another four can be unlocked.

How to unlock Loadout slots

Four more Loadout slots can be unlocked by completing the Flawless, Solo, & Legendary objective in Guardian Ranks under Rank 7 Elite. This objective is found under the Lost Sectors tab. Completing this objective requires players to:

  • Complete a Legend Lost Sector solo without dying.
The Guardian Ranks screen showing how to unlock additional Loadouts
Complete a Legend Lost Sector by yourself without dying to get more Loadouts.
Source: Shacknews

This could prove to be a challenging experience for some players if attempting this for the first time and under prepared. Ensure you are at the correct Power level for the Lost Sector and have the necessary Anti-Champion effects available. Additionally, check out our Legend & Master Lost Sector schedule to see which Lost Sectors are coming up soon – some are easier than others.

In the event you are struggling, go and acquire more Power and really lean into your build. Try to focus on survivability above everything else. Take it slow, whittle down enemies, and keep trying. The good news is that you can try this as many times as you need. Remember to close your Fireteam as well, you don’t want someone joining you halfway through your attempt as this will null the “solo” aspect of the objective.

Once you have completed the objective, claim it to unlock your reward. You will then have access to the additional Loadout slots, which you can use to save all manner of builds to. At this point, it’s worth digging deep into the mods as they received a major updated with Lightfall. For more help with Lightfall and the many new systems, check out our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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