How to get more Polarized Fractaline in Destiny 2

Find how what Polarized Fractaline is and how you can get more of it in short order.


As Guardians start to dig into Season of Dawn in Destiny 2, they’re finding new activities and materials to concern themselves with. One of the main materials this season will be Polarized Fractaline, something to upgrade an Obelisk with. Upgrading an Obelisk will allow players to unlock more weapons and mods, but it will take a considerable amount of Polarized Fractaline to complete this task. In this guide, I’ll explain the various ways to get more of this seasonal material.

Polarized Fractaline

Polarized Fractaline Destiny 2

To get more Polarized Fractaline, Guardians have several options, each of which I’ll list below before I get into them in more detail.

  • Weekly Obelisk bounties
  • Complete Season of Dawn Triumphs
  • The Sundial
  • Season pass rewards
  • Playlist strikes

The easiest way to earn Polarized Fractaline is to complete the weekly Obelisk bounties found at any one of the Obelisks scattered about Destiny 2. The first Obelisk is found at the Thieves’ Landing spawn point on the Tangled Shore. Visit it, pick up the bounties, then complete them.

Secondly, players can earn Polarized Fractaline by participating in the Sundial activity that is found on the long-lost planet of Mercury. If you’re not sure how, read our guide to learn to start the Sundial activity.

The final two steps aren’t as reliable because they are finite, but players can earn Polarized Fractaline by ranking up their season pass, or by completing Triumphs found under Seasonal, then Activities. Complete some easy Triumphs if you’re in need of a quick Polarized Fractaline fix.

As for what to spend your Polarized Fractaline on, that’s easy. It can be used to upgrade Resonance Rank at an Obelisk, which opens new options for weapons and mods to grind for, or it can be used to buy bounties from an Obelisk that award weapons upon completion. Upgrading the Resonance Rank of one of the Obelisks takes considerably more Polarized Fractaline than buying a bounty, so consider where you plan to spend this material carefully.

Now that you know what Polarized Fractaline is and the different ways to earn it, get out there and start grinding for your favorite weapons. Should you hit a wall, consider a visit to our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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