How to get to Callum's grave in Destiny 2

A bit of tricky jumping in the Ascendant plane and players can locate the charred remains of Callum.


Players have discovered something hidden along the edges of The Corrupted strike in Destiny 2, and the running theory is that it is Callum’s grave – or more rather – the place where Callum died. For those who want to get in on what many assume is a time-gated section of the Malfeasance Exotic hand cannon quest will need to get ready for some tricky jumping.

How to get to Callum’s grave

Callum’s grave is found in the Corrupted strike in the Dreaming City, after the fight with the large Ogre in the normal and Ascendant plane. Fight through the strike, defeat the Ogre, go through the portal and fight down the large steps to find another portal doorway, pass through it to enter the Ascendant plane.

As soon as the Ascendant plane loads, turn around and run to the right-hand side to see a crystal structure, and behind it a large rock. Jump from the crystal onto the rock and then turn to face the wall. Jump from the large rock to the wall, landing on the crystalline ledge. Jump up to the right and into the nook. From here, jump to a small grabbing point on the rock, and then onto the top of this rock. Standing with your back to the wall, jump out to the right and wrap around the cliff face to find another small ledge. From this ledge, jump up, out, and to the right to find the final ledge. After this final jump has been made, players will be one step closer to Callum’s grave.

To make the jump easier, players should consider using the following builds:

  • Hunters: Triple jump, ST0MP-EE5, Sword
  • Titan: Catapult lift/High lift, Lion Rampant, Shoulder Charge/Sword (Optional)
  • Warlock: Attunement of Sky (Icarus Dash), Sword

Some players might like to take the time to increase their mobility as high as possible, as this might help gain a few extra inches on the jump height. Hunters will want to layer a single sword slash between their jumps to gain more horizontal movement while Titans can use Shoulder Charge to grab onto the last ledge. As for Warlocks, the Icarus Dash movement can bump them onto the final ledge and casting the Super will increase their jump speed, allowing them to travel further while at maximum height.

Once the ledge has been reached, simply follow the path along in the direction of the light in the distance. There are a few gaps in the path, requiring a jump to a few spinning rocks, but other than that it is rather straight forward. As players approach the light, it should be fairly obvious what they’re looking at: a charred figure of a human with a hole near their heart and a dead Ghost on the ground.

This is suspected to be none other than Callum, as referenced in a piece of in-game lore called Shadow on a Wall from Book: A Drifter’s Gambit. A reddit user by the name of SpasticBull has put together a compelling reason for the existence of Gambit, based on the lore surrounding Callum. It’s worth the read if players want to know more about who Callum is in Destiny 2 and how he relates to the other well-known characters.

After finding Callum’s grave, why not head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more walkthroughs and explanations of in-game mechanics.

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