Contraverse Hold Exotic gauntlets - Destiny 2

Contraverse Hold is another Exotic armor option Voidwalker Warlocks have for their builds in Destiny 2.


Contraverse Hold are Warlock Exotic gauntlets in Destiny 2 that make Voidwalkers even more dangerous. Though they’re only useful for Warlocks using a Void subclass, most PVP players will relish in becoming nigh-unstoppable in Crucible.

Contraverse Hold

The Contraverse Hold are a pair of Exotic gauntlets for Warlocks. The main purpose of these gloves is to make a Warlock harder to kill as it charges its grenade ability. Given how powerful Voidwalker grenades are, this makes the Warlock an even greater threat in Crucible.

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Chaotic Exchanger

contraverse hold perk chaotic exchanger destiny 2
Chaotic Exchanger makes Voidwalkers even more dangerous when they're charging a grenade.

Chaotic Exchanger is the name of the perk on Contraverse Hold. This perk has two primary functions: to keep you alive as you charge a grenade and to give you back grenade energy when the grenade hits.

  • Chaotic Exchanger – Resist incoming damage while charging your Void grenade with Chaos Accelerant, Feed the void, or Handheld Supernova. Charged Void grenades return a random amount of grenade energy on a hit.

Despite the fact some other Warlock subclasses feature charging grenades, Contraverse Hold only works with the Voidwalker subclasses. Whenever charging your grenade with Chaos Accelerant (deadlier grenade), Feed the Void (recharge health), or Handheld Supernova (Void shotgun-like blast), you will be harder to kill.

Furthermore, if the grenade hits its target, you will receive a random amount of grenade energy back. Because the amount of energy is random, you may receive next to no energy, an entire charge’s worth of energy, or anything in between. It’s important to note this does not work with Feed the Void, as this grenade never hits an enemy but is consumed when fully charged.

When to use Contraverse Hold

Contraverse Hold is best utilized in PVP, where the outcome of a fight could be determined by a bit more armor. Warlocks using Feed the Void will ensure they’re harder to kill when healing while those using Handheld Supernova will become even deadlier for the foe they’re fighting. The random energy return is also great for Handheld Supernova users, as it means you can very quickly have another grenade ready.

Destiny 2 Handheld Supernova Contraverse Hold
Handheld Supernova is already powerful and now with Contraverse Hold it becomes a nightmare to fight against.

Even though the Attunement of Chaos tree can hold its own in Crucible, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as good as its two competitors. The grenade-charge ability in this tree doesn’t require being close to an enemy nor is it used as a means of healing. For this reason, the bonus damage resistance from Contraverse Hold isn’t really needed, as isn’t unlikely you’ll be in a situation that necessitates the gauntlets. However, the random grenade energy is still useful.

For those using a Voidwalker build in PVE, there is likely going to be better Exotic options out there. For instance, Nezarec’s Sin ensures your abilities are almost always available. It’s rare that you’ll need the damage resistance of Contraverse Hold and while the random energy is helpful, there are always plenty of enemies to kill to get it back naturally.

How to get Contraverse Hold

Contraverse Hold is not an Exotic awarded from a mission, meaning it is a random-drop Exotic. The only way to get it is to have it drop from an Exotic source, purchase it from Xur when he sells it, or buy a Fated Engram from Xur when playing as a Warlock.

Contraverse Hold lore

contraverse hold lore destiny 2

"Nothing is free. I know that. Therefore, he knows it too. If our places were swapped, he would do the same." —Tomek I


All things have a cost. But what if I didn't have to be the one to pay it?

The many-worlds theory may be out of fashion among my peers, but the fanatical beliefs of the Future War Cult don't come from nowhere.

I remember the exact moment I realized: If I was investigating ways to make my parallel selves carry my burdens, then surely those Tomeks had already had the same idea.

I had no way of knowing the others' progress. But each time I bent my head over my workbench, I felt the gaze of infinite eyes upon my shoulders.

In the end, I and one other activated our inventions at the exact same space-time coordinates.

It came down to a cosmic coin toss. One of us became the owner of the powerful Contraverse Hold.

And I became a battery.

The Contraverse Hold Warlock Exotic gauntlets are a prime option for Voidwalkers in Destiny 2. The added damage resistance when charging a grenade improves survivability, while the random grenade energy return ensures you get another grenade sooner. Glide over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for more Exotic armor overviews.

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