Revision 7.2.2, Lorentz Driver Exotic Catalyst - Destiny 2

Unlock the Lorentz Driver Exotic Catalyst by completing the Revision 7.2.2 quest in Destiny 2.


Revision 7.2.2 is a quest in Destiny 2 that rewards players with the Exotic Catalyst for Lorentz Driver. This quest was added with Season of the Lost and requires players calibrate the new Linear Fusion Rifle Exotic, which requires a whole lot of Crucible kills. Get ready to spend some time shooting Guardians.

Revision 7.2.2 quest

The Revision 7.2.2 quest is offered by Banshee-44 in the Tower after you’ve unlocked the Lorentz Driver. This weapon was offered as part of the Season Pass during Season of the Lost, so if you’re playing later on you will need to purchase it from the Monument to Lost Lights using an Exotic Cipher.

Completion of Revision 7.2.2 rewards the Exotic Catalyst for Lorentz Driver, which must then be charged by getting kills with the weapon.

Step 1: Combatants, Guardians, and Champions

destiny 2 revision 7.2.2 quest

The first step does not need Lorentz Driver, though it can be a good idea to use it so you’re more comfortable with the weapon by the time you get to the second step.

  • 50 Challenging combatants defeated
  • 50 Guardians defeated
  • 15 Champions or high-value targets defeated

For this one, you need to defeat “challenging combatants” which isn’t really clear, but basically anything with a yellow-health bar. This can also be worked on while you defeat Champions and high-value targets, which can easily be done in a Legend Lost Sector. However, start with the Season of the Lost campaign and the Astral Alignment activity so you can earn your Pinnacle engrams at the same time. The Guardian portion is what it is. Just get into Crucible and start getting kills.

Step 2: Calibration, Guardians, and Combatants

destiny 2 lorentz driver exotic catalyst

This step requires the use of Lorentz Driver, so I hope you’ve been practicing. Equip the Linear Fusion Rifle and prepare to spend a lot of time zapping Guardians in Crucible.

  • 200 Calibration data generated
  • 50 Guardians defeated
  • 100 Combatants defeated

Note that Guardian defeats do not count as combatants. Depending on your aversion to Crucible, you may want to focus on the Guardian component first, as 50 kills is quite a lot to get with a Linear Fusion Rifle. Thankfully, the gun uses Special ammo.

To get the calibration data, play through the Nightfall to get more progress, with the difficult levels offering more data. You will also earn bonus from wins in Crucible or Gambit – a good excuse to work through those Pinnacles.

To get the 100 combatant defeats, you can always load up the Churo Shi checkpoint in the Last Wish raid. This will also ensure you’ve got the checkpoint ready to charge the catalyst.

Step 3: Speak with Banshee-44

With all the kills and calibration data acquired, you just need to speak with Banshee-44 again to get the actual Exotic Catalyst. Slap it into Lorentz Driver and go and charge it up.

Lorentz Driver Exotic Catalyst

Once Revision 7.2.2 is complete, you’ll get an uncharged Lorentz Driver Exotic Catalyst. Pop it into the gun and then get 400 kills with it to charge it. Once charged, it will unlock the following perk:

  • Jump Driver: Lorentz Driver gains an enhanced radar. Additionally, while this weapon has 3 telemetry patterns, EM Anomaly detonations no longer require a precision final blow.

Considering Season of the Lost features some Linear Fusion Rifle mods, you’ll want to get this Exotic Catalyst squared away sooner rather than later. It may even be useful in the Master version of the Vault of Glass raid.

The Lorentz Driver Exotic Catalyst does a good job of making an already powerful weapon a bit better. The path to unlocking it, the Revision 7.2.2 quest, certainly requires a lot of Guardian defeats, but it’s worth the trouble. Stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more coverage of this latest season.

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