Wanted: The Eye in the Dark - Destiny 2

Where to find the Eye in the Dark, a target of Spider's Wanted bounty in Destiny 2.


The Eye in the Dark is another one of Spider’s Wanted bounty targets in Destiny 2. This Hive Shrieker is easy to find, but some mechanics might make it confusing to defeat. If you do manage to take down the Eye in the Dark, there will be some rewards for your effort.

Wanted: The Eye in the Dark

Finding the Eye in the Dark is as easy as reading the bounty bought from Spider. The bounty will show a brief message from one of the NPCs in Destiny 2. Depending on the vendor that is signed on the bounty, the planet you must visit will change. In the example below, the vendor mentioned is Ana Bray, which means Mars. Make sure to read the bounty so you know where to go.

destiny 2 wanted the eye in the dark
The Wanted bounty for The Eye in the Dark costs 5 Ghost Fragments, and rewards some XP, Glimmer, and an Enhancement Core. Read the description to see which planetary vendor is speaking.

The next step is to actually go to the planet and interact with the mission banner. A good tip is to select the banner so that it’s tracked and you can easily locate it. Interact with the banner and follow the marker to where the Eye in the Dark is located. For this example, it was located in the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars.

destiny 2 eye in the dark
By reading which vendor is speaking in the bounty, you will know what planet to visit.

As for actually fighting the Eye in the Dark, it’s a mechanic-based fight. The trick is to kill the Wormcursed Thrall, which leave a puddle of green ooze on the ground. Walk into the buddle to get the status effect, Scent of the Worm. The Eye in the Dark will open up when you have this affect, allowing you to deal damage.

destiny 2 the eye in the dark wanted wormcursed
Defeat the Wormcursed Thrall and stand in the green ooze they leave to get the Scent of the Worm and open up the Shrieker.

Try using one of the best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2 to take it down quickly, or even a weapon like Whisper of the Worm. When the Eye in the Dark is destroyed, the bounty will complete. Remember to turn in the bounty in your inventory to get the rewards.

From here, you can go and get more Ghost Fragments to purchase some of the other Spider Wanted bounties to earn more materials and currency.

Finding the Eye in the Dark Wanted bounty is easy, but killing it can be tough if you don’t know the mechanic. But once defeated, you’ll get some good resources and go on your way. Take a moment to read over the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide, where we’ve been hard at work recording everything on offer.

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