All Starcat locations - Destiny 2

Where to find all 14 Starcats for the Familiar Felines Triumph in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish.


Starcats are a new collectible added to Destiny 2 with Season of the Wish. There are 14 of these starry felines to find scattered across the Dreaming City and within Riven’s Lair. Finding all of them is required for the Familiar Felines Triumph, which in turn is needed for the Wishbearer Title.

All Starcat locations

There are 14 Starcats to find across several locations in the Dreaming City and Riven’s Lair. These are not to be confused with the other cats in the Dreaming City, which require a small gift to unlock. Finding all of the Starcats will unlock the Familiar Felines Triumph, which rewards the Wyrmguard Shell and is needed for the Wishbearer Title.

Garden of Plenty Starcat

Within the Garden of Plenty in Riven’s Lair, this Starcat likes to peer down from a place of power.

The cat in Garden of Plenty is found across the field, up near where you go through the exit portal (where the Taken Ogre spawns). As you approach the stairs, look over the edge of the cliff on your left to spot the cat down on a ledge.

Blind Well Starcat

Within the Blind Well, this Starcat likes to wait by the door.

The cat in the blind well

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This cat is by the large doors at the far side of the room, up the stairs. When you load into the encounter, cross the central chamber and walk up the stairs. The cat is seemingly pawing at the door, hoping someone will open it. Typical.

Temple of the Queen’s Wrath Starcat

Within the Temple of the Queen’s Wrath in Riven’s Lair, this Starcat likes to hide in nooks.

Another cat can be found in Riven’s Lair in the area called Temple of the Queen’s Wrath. This is where you’ll find Wizards and need to light a bunch of torches. Go into the right-hand side of the arena and look behind the pillar to spot the cat.

Chamber of Starlight Starcat

Within the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector, this Starcat likes to calculate gravity.

The cat in the Chamber of Starlight

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This cat is sitting on the table to the right of the boss chest in Chamber of Starlight. No need to defeat anything, run in, locate the table (it’s on the circular raised section), and pick up your Starcat.

Bay of Drowned Wishes Starcat

Within the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector, this Starcat likes pondering orbs.

The starcat in the Bay of Drowned Wishes

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This cat is in the boss room of the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. Look behind the chest on the rocky ledge where the Scorn balls are.

Aphelion’s Rest Starcat

Within Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector, this Starcat likes to sit in the bowl.

The cat in Aphelion's Rest

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The cat in Aphelion’s Rest is inside the bowl behind the boss chest. You can’t miss it.

Gnashing Chamber Starcat

Within the Gnashing Chamber in Riven’s Lair, this Starcat appreciates fine art.

This cat is in the Gnashing Chamber in Riven’s Lair, an area that looks like the Vault encounter from the Last Wish raid. This fight has you fighting three Plaguewielders. The cat is on a table on the left-side of the central room.

Reaver’s Orison Starcat

Within the Reaver’s Orison in Riven’s Lair, this Starcat likes to root around.

Another cat is in Riven’s Lair, in the Reaver’s Orison area. This area has a striking resemblance to the Morgeth encounter from the Last Wish raid. Defeat the Ogre and go to the right-side of the arena to find a large, gnarled tree. The cat is hidden among the roots.

Cell of Sycophant Starcat

Within the Cell of the Sycophant in Riven’s Lair, this Starcat likes to hide in shrubbery.

This starcat is currently unavailable. Many users have attempted to locate it but the general consensus is that Bungie needs to patch it in.

Spine of Keres Starcat

Spine of Keres: Keeps Techeuns company.

A cat in the Spine of Keres

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A cat can be found in the Orrery in the Spine of Keres, on one of the balconies beside the Techeun. To reach the Spine of Keres, start in the Divalian Mists and follow the main path north and then hang a left through the blue crystal cave. Jump the gaps and walk across the bridge into the building. Climb up the balcony with the Techeun to find the cat.

Harbinger’s Seclude Starcat

Within the Harbinger’s Seclude, this Starcat likes to spend time with friends.

The starcat in Harbinger's Seclude

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This cat in the spot where the two ahamkara skulls are located deep within the Harbinger’s Seclude. It is behind the left skull (Muninn). These are the skull you use to purchase Tincture of Queensfoil and Charges of Light for the Blind Well.

You can reach this area by either traveling through the hidden portals or by starting outside the building in Rheasilvia. Enter the building and stay on the main path to reach the very end where the large statue is located. Drop down to the lower level of the circular room and then take the elevator down again.

Enter this large cavernous chamber and defeat any enemies. Go through the left door to find an ahamkara skull. The cat is behind the table.

Gardens of Esila Starcat

Within the Gardens of Esila, this Starcat likes to hide near the water’s edge.

The cat in the Gardens of Esila

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This cat is in the Gardens of Esila, below the bridge that leads to the three large statues. This garden area is accessed via The Strand. Enter the gardens and go below the bridge that has the large tree. Follow the path up the next area where you’ll see the statues. Look under the bridge to spot the cat.

The Confluence Starcat

Within the Confluence, this Starcat like to stare into the void.

The cat sitting in front of the door in The Confluence

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This cat is in the Confluence, the large, central area beneath the Dreaming City that is accessible by hidden portals. The easiest portal to reach is in the Spine of Keres. The cat is by the large Taken corruption where you would previously start the Shattered Throne dungeon.

To reach this, head into the Spine of Keres and stand on the bridge looking at the Orrery building. Jump over the railing on the right and go down the cliff and into a cave. Jump through the portal and follow the path into a large central chamber. There will be several pathways branching off, find the one that leads to a huge indoor room with Taken corruption festering on the wall. There will be a Techeun there and the cat sitting quite close to the Taken muck.

Astral Cloister Starcat

Within the Astral Cloister in Riven’s Lair, this Starcat likes to enjoy its solitude.

A circle around the cat in the Astral Cloister

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This cat is found in the Astral Cloiser section of Riven’s Lair, on a platform to the right of the exit portal. This area is found when starting with the right portal at Riven. Pass through the Fetid Conduit with the three plates and enter the Astral Cloister where you must defeat three Plaguewielders. Approach the exit portal and look to the platform with the large statue to the right. The cat is near the bowl (it was clipped into the bowl for me).

With all the Starcats found, you can now claim the Familiar Feline Triumph, which unlocks your Wyrmguard Shell for your Ghost. You’ll now be one step closer to earning the Wishbearer Title for Season of the Wish. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more help finishing off everything this season and preparing for The Final Shape.

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