Where to find the New Pacific Arcology in Destiny 2

Figure what Destiny 2 means when it says kill enemies in the New Pacific Arcology.


Destiny 2 asks players to kill a lot of different aliens, but sometimes it throws a bit of a curveball and asks players to kill aliens in a specific location. One location that has left many Guardians scratching their head is the New Pacific Arcology, a place on Titan.

Where to Find New Pacific Arcology

Finding the New Pacific Arcology is easy enough, despite Destiny 2 being misleading. Each of the fast travel points on Titan are labelled as the New Pacific Arcology, but only the Solarium is considered the New Pacific Arcology. The reason for this is that the arcology refers to the large city built on Titan, as opposed to the mining and engine structures that house the two fast travel points.

The best way to reach the Solarium is to use the fast travel point on the far right, The Rig. From here, veer left, passing by the walkways to reach a large ramp. Travel down the ramp and look for the door on the left, this will take players out to the broken bridge – the starting location of the Savathun’s Song strike.

Jump across the gap, and head into the wall. Continue through the corridors until the next area loads – this is the New Pacific Arcology. Killing enemies in this location will count towards the New Pacific Arcology challenge, which good as a few Solstice of Heroes armor pieces require challenge completions in order to be upgraded.

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